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6 Best Writing Lessons Ever
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Empowering Writers is a group of dynamic educators and business professionals who have a passion for improving student writing.

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Empowering Writers Was Born

A first-year teacher and her mentor create a global writing curriculum


When Dea Paoletta Auray was a first-year teacher, she quickly realized that liking to write and being able to teach kids to write were two very different skills. Struggling with managing a classroom of writers and having time for meaningful conferences with all students was just half the battle. Being able to offer students productive feedback that helped her young authors grow as writers were equally as challenging—looking around at what veteran teachers were doing only proved the point. Most teachers were working very hard at teaching writing, but very few were having any level of success. It was this reality that lead Dea to partner with her grade level mentor, veteran teacher and author Barbara Mariconda, and launch the Empowering Writers' approach in their own classrooms and then throughout Mill Hill School in Fairfield, CT. As students became confident, enthusiastic writers, teachers began to take notice.

But when Mill Hill achieved a 45-point increase in their state writing scores, educators across the state and beyond clamored to discover the secret of their success. Barbara and Dea began to offer professional development to share their high-impact methodologies centered around the specific skills good writers need, and Empowering Writers was born. Today, our dynamic team of highly-committed professionals continues to transform writing instruction across the U.S., Canada, and the world.

What Educators are Saying

Last year was my first year to teach 6th grade ELA. I was very worried about teaching writing. EmpoweringWriters' lessons were so fun and engaging that the students gained confidence in their writing skills (just like I did)! When I finally got to see the results of the ACT Aspire test I was literally in tears. Some of my lowest achieving students scored above the 90th percentile in writing!" – Tricia S., Grade 6 Teacher (Arkansas)

Yes we are very pleased! Both our teachers and students have worked so hard and we have seen tremendous growth. EW has given us an amazing platform from which we are ready to grow from! After year 1 of implementation and coaching we went from 36% to 70% passing." - Marina M., Instructional Coach (Texas)

Praise from Principals:

We have ABSOLUTELY seen an improvement in reading comprehension. Students are reading for purpose. They are looking for answers, or at least clues, using a format they know will provide results, they just have to unlock the truth in front of them." – Brian Delaney, Principal (Massachusetts)

We saw tremendous growth in our writing scores on my campus, but more importantly, we saw great individual growth for our students.”-Keith Thompson, Principal (Texas)

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Empowering Writers' lessons, techniques, and methodology grew out of the real-world classroom.

Our EW family is devoted to empowering the next generation of authors seated in classrooms today – it's what gets us going in the morning, and what keeps us motivated and attuned to the ever-changing climate of education in the 21st-century.

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