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Professional Development for Teachers

Learn to confidently teach writing, improve student performance, and maximize your instructional time.
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Empowering Writers’ professional development gives you the power to choose your writing course, then decide how you want to learn about it with options for in-person training at your school, live Zoom workshop sessions, or on-demand courses throughout the year.

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PD options include foundational writing skills development, Narrative and Informational writing genres, Editing and Revising, Constructed Response and “Getting Ready to Write” K-1 workshop for the youngest of writers.  Empowering Writers’ PD delivers easy-to-follow instruction that clearly outlines the necessary steps to support both your teaching mastery and your students’ writing success.

This valuable, full day of structured learning is available to you live (via Zoom classroom), or through on-demand instructional courses that you can watch, replay and access on your own time, or live and in-person as part of your writing curriculum and PD requirements.  You’ll even get a digital guidebook and reflection sheet to accompany your training day.

PD Calendar and Training Options
Look for the calendar date that works best for you and choose the writing instruction that interests
you most from the options below.

Upcoming Workshops


Learn LIVE on Zoom:

Launching into Literacy – Diving into Narrative Skills LIVE Zoom Workshop (Gr 2-8)

Launching into Literacy – Diving into Informational Skills LIVE Zoom Workshop (Gr 2-8)

Getting Ready to Write – LIVE Zoom Workshop (Gr K-1)

A Sentence A Day - LIVE 3hr Zoom Workshop (Gr K-2)

  • TBD

Constructed Response - A Step by Step Approach - LIVE Zoom Workshop (Gr 2-8)

All "Learn LIVE Zoom" Workshops are full-day with 6 hours of instruction and a 1 hour lunch break unless otherwise noted.

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Can any of these workshops be presented onsite or online for your school or district? Or do you need a different date than those offered on our calendar?

Yes, we conduct customized training for thousands of educators every year and we can schedule more dates to accommodate your schedule. To learn how to bring an EW workshop to your district, or to learn how we can provide tailored training to meet your district's needs, please call 1-866-285-3516.

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*Note: Most workshops require the corresponding book which you can purchase with your registration. The required guide is available in print or digitally with a license to the Hub.
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