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Empowering Writers is looking for dedicated professionals to join our team.

Are you a seasoned Empowering Writers instructor?  Do you love our approach? Are you ready to retire but want to continue to work in education? Do you have part-time or full-time hours available for an exciting opportunity? Then reach out to us!  We are seeking Empowering Writers enthusiasts to join our dynamic team. Currently trainer/coaching positions and sales positions available, experience using Empowering Writers is required.

If you're interested, please contact Diane Lazar if you're in the Northern US or Canada at dlazar@empoweringwriters.com or Kathy Howell if you're in the Southern US at khowell@empoweringwriters.com

We're excited to start the journey with you to become an Empowering Writers Team Member!


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For Northern US or Canada – Contact Diane Lazar at dlazar@empoweringwriters.com with your resume and cover letter, or call our office at (203) 452-8301 and ask for Diane.

For Southern US – Contact Kathy Howell at khowell@empoweringwriters.com with your resume and cover letter.