5 Best Lessons on Constructed Response
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5 Best Lessons on Constructed Response
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Empowering Writers!

We help your teachers build strong writers and empower their students to become strategic readers.

For the past 25 years, Empowering Writers has transformed K-8 writing instruction by providing teachers with the necessary knowledge, tools and skills to teach writing successfully. We’ve taught over 100,000 teachers how to improve student writing. Additionally, we continue to adapt our approach and teacher support to meet the changing needs in your classrooms and school districts.


Our newly developed Literacy Launch is designed to capitalize on the writing/reading connection. Empowering Writers gives teachers the instructional tools they need to confidently teach writing, then prepare students for state assessments. The Literacy Launch empowers teachers to help students develop the foundational writing skills needed to strengthen their writing, strategic reading, and ability to effectively respond to text. With the Literacy Launch, instructional time is maximized as teachers link reading and writing development whenever and wherever students are interacting with text…throughout the school year and across all content areas.


Empowering Writers is a proven methodology - created by teachers, for teachers - that gives your teachers the knowledge, skills, instructional strategies, support and confidence to dramatically improve students’ writing abilities and reading comprehension.

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Administrators and teachers alike, know it works and recognize the power of Empowering Writers:

“We saw tremendous growth in our writing scores on my campus, but more importantly, we saw great individual growth for our students.”

-Principal, Keith Thompson, Taylor, TX

“Empowering Writers is an amazing program; it is one of the few methodologies I have used in my 28 years of teaching, which I can implement immediately. The foundation for teaching students how to write is presented in an easy to follow format, thus helping students gain confidence from the start. Students excited about writing equals Empowering Writers.”

- Teacher, Jan Rampey, 5th Grade

You can empower your teachers and literacy team with Empowering Writers today!

We make teaching writing fun with instruction that engages and motivates students to write throughout the school year! Your educators get the curriculum that aligns with your standards. Teachers have the tools they need to teach effectively, improve skills and support writing curriculum. Everyone works together to empower young writers across and between grade levels, through the school or district.

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Let us show you how:

Empowering Writers provides everything your teachers need to teach writing well, improve student performance, raise test scores, maximize instruction time, and meet state standards.

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Here’s the power we bring:

Professional Development Sessions are brimming with practical information for writing teachers, time to process and apply new learning, discussion time with colleagues, and engaging activities that help the lessons stick. Flexible timing and duration ensure workshops meet the needs of your teachers and the realities of your PD schedule.

Customized District Resources - Let us align the writing instruction with your ELAR resources, and all scope and sequence requirements. By aligning writing to reading, we help simplify ELA instruction and take the guesswork out of lesson movement.

Teacher HUB is our online resource that gives your writing teachers anytime access to everything they need for the school year. From lesson plans, pacing guides, rubrics and done-for-you PowerPoint presentations, to animated lessons and virtual field trips that keep students engaged, the HUB gives teachers the tools and training to teach writing well. The HUB platform is fully integrated with your district's LMS platform allowing teachers and students to assign and access resources within their digital classrooms.

Ongoing EW Instruction

We are with you every step of the way, with ongoing instruction and support for both teachers and administrators. Teachers receive weekly news about best lessons videos, teaching tips, classroom successes, and master-level webinars to build their skills and confidence. Administrators have easy access to EW’s support team for new program developments, customized PD, school materials and training within your district.

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What about Digital and Hybrid Learning? 

Digital Student Assignments have been created and cover a wide range of lessons and activities for students that are learning at-home or now in a hybrid environment.  These assignments work easily on many school LMS platforms, too (Google Classroom, Schoology, Office 365, Canvas, etc.).  Over 6,000 teachers and 30,000 students have used EW’s digital learning lessons since March 2020 - making the HUB the number one choice for digital learning for writing instruction among educators.

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What Else Can I Do to Help My Teachers with Empowering Writers?

The road to writing success includes 3-key professional development days (during the year) that support your teachers in learning and mastering Empowering Writers to improve student writing proficiency.

PD #1 Launch and Inform: Introduces the EW methodology to new teachers/schools. Delivers Information/ Expository Writing instruction where teachers learn how to teach foundational writing skills to effectively respond to text, analyze and annotate for deeper understanding, research, and develop introductions, conclusions, authentic writing tasks and rubrics. (6 hours of virtual or in-person instruction).

PD #2 Narrative: Includes Narrative Writing Skills and Strategic Reading in-depth instruction. Supports deeper literary analysis and comprehension, delivers instruction on how to teach narrative writing confidently and provide actionable feedback when assessing student work. New skills development includes entertaining beginnings, elaborative details, suspense, plus process writing and rubrics.

PD #3 Model It: A Modeling Day where EW Master Educators deliver a modeled lesson, provides in-class coaching, and feedback on student work (related to lesson skills topic). This is a favorite training of teachers!

Or, choose a recorded video day on Editing & Revising that is designed to take the mystery out of grammar and mechanics. This option gives teachers the “how” for delivering instruction in revising and editing. This on-demand option allows teachers to view the sessions at their own pace, rewind, take notes and review any section again as they apply the learning to their classroom instruction.

Even More PD is available as you deem appropriate for your educators. Customized PD may include modeled lessons, in-class observation and feedback, evaluation of student samples, test prep, alignment of curriculum documents, or district implementation support.

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Empowering Writers Empowers Everyone!

Good writing is based on a foundation of key skills that all writers use. Unfortunately, most teachers are not taught in college how to deliver writing instruction to students. Teachers can feel overwhelmed trying to learn a new writing curriculum or connect it to standards.


Putting the best tools available into the hands of your dedicated teachers will produce great writing instruction - today, tomorrow, and year after year. Giving your teachers the training they need to use each tool to its fullest potential, will produce instruction that truly empowers the young writers across your school or district. To learn more about Empowering Writers for your school, or expand Empowering Writers in your district, please call us at 1-866-285-3516 or email us.

Check out how other schools and administrators are using Empowering Writers to improve student writing, raise test scores and grow their teachers’ abilities to teach writing with excitement and confidence! CASE STUDIES

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