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The tools and training educators need to teach K-8 literacy skills with confidence.


Professional Development

Our proven methodology and lesson design provides teachers with an instructional edge.



The Coaching Edge will ensure fidelity of the writing instruction and ultimately empower the teachers and literacy team to achieve long-term success in writing and reading.



We designed our resources to improve student writing skills and enhance reading comprehension. Empowering Writers' methodology uses Whole Class Instruction for the introduction, modeling, and practice of explicit foundational skills. 



Empowering Writers' proven methodology - created by teachers, for teachers - provides the knowledge, skills, instructor strategies, support and confidence to dramatically improve students' writing abilities and reading comprehension.

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Simple To Understand & Easy To Implement


We saw tremendous growth in our writing scores on my campus, but more importantly, we saw great individual growth for our students.

Keith Thompson

Empowering Writers is an amazing program; it is one of the few methodologies I have used in my 28 years of teaching, which I can implement immediately. The foundation for teaching students how to write is presented in an easy to follow format, thus helping students gain confidence from the start. Students excited about writing equals Empowering Writers.

Jan Rampey
5th Grade Teacher

Everything was helpful! Empowering Writers has given me more confidence in teaching writing. The teacher videos are clear and help me anticipate what my students may struggle with.

A4th Grade Teacher, Texas