5 Best Lessons on Constructed Response
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5 Best Lessons on Constructed Response

Hub_Only_Logo.RectangleWelcome to the teacher HUB where you’ll find all of the Empowering Writers’ resources you need to empower your writing instruction. 

The HUB gives you online access to your grade-level, digital teaching guide and everything Empowering Writers has to offer.  From lesson plans, pacing guides, rubrics, done-for-you PowerPoint presentations and teach-it instruction, to animated lessons and virtual field trips that keep students engaged throughout the school year…it’s all at your fingertips 24/7, right inside the HUB.

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Empowering Writers is a proven methodology for writing instruction– designed by teachers, for teachers – that gives K-8 teachers the knowledge, skills, instructional strategies, and confidence to dramatically improve students’ writing abilities and reading comprehension.  Teachers love the HUB for their writing instruction! 

Empowering Writers' HUB gives you detailed and helpful, step-by-step instructions that are easy-to-use and build your confidence in teaching writing.  And with a year-long HUB subscription, you will have a wealth of done-for-you resources and teach-it tools available online, so that you’ll always have the tools and support you need to help your students succeed.

"Everything was helpful! Empowering Writers has given me more confidence in teaching writing. The teacher videos are clear and help me anticipate what my students may struggle with."
– Millie A., Grade 4 Teacher (Texas)


Empowering Writers is with you every step of the way!  We have taught over 100,000 teachers (just like you) how to improve student writing.  As teachers ourselves, we continue to adapt the Empowering Writers’ resources to meet the changing needs in your classroom and school district.  

New this fall is a deeper dive into the writing/reading connection through our Literacy Launch – showing you how to make this link every day, in every way, for the benefit of your students.  These are foundational skills that will further drive your students’ success, and help you be even more effective in your writing instruction.  

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Tap into more teaching tools on the HUB, including on-demand teacher trainings, lesson plans and background information, done-for-you Skill Power! PowerPoints, animated classroom lessons, and virtual field trips that expand on lessons in your guide.

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Empowering Writers is with you in your journey to improve your own writing instruction and grow your students' writing interests and abilities. Over time, you'll master the Empowering Writers program through your in-class work and by expanding your own expertise with a variety of professional development options taught by our master class educational trainers.

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Empowering Writers provides on-going training and support too.  Throughout the year and via the HUB, Empowering Writers offers you virtual teacher talks, webinar trainings, professional development opportunities and more, to assist you during school instructional time, your planning blocks in the classroom, or when you’re at home doing summer preparation for the coming school year.

New things can be hard. Let us help make it easy. Call us with questions at 1-866-285-3516, live chat or email us to get all of the support and help you need!


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