Here are answers to some of the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s).  
If you don’t see your question or the answer prompts more questions,
email us or call 866-285-2516.  We’re happy to help.

The Hub

Where do I log in to my account in the Hub?
You can log in to your account on the home page. Click the "Account Sign In" in the upper right-hand corner.
I went back to the automated email I received to set up my account. When I clicked the button to access my account, a "Code Expired" message appeared. What should I do?
After you've been through the account set up process, the link in the automated email becomes deactivated. To log in to your Hub account, go to the home page, and click "Account Sign In" in the upper right-hand corner.
When I log in to my personal account, I don't see my resource(s).
If you created your Hub account with a Gmail address, and you have multiple Gmail addresses (ex. you have a personal Gmail address and your school email address is also powered by Gmail), make sure the Gmail address you log in with is the same one in which you created your Hub account. Otherwise, you will still be able to log in, but you won't see your resources.
To correct this issue, log out of all your Gmail addresses that aren't associated with your Hub account. Log back in using the Gmail address associated with your Hub account.
When I log in to the district account, I don't see my resource(s). What should I do?
If you use a school email address that is powered by Google, and you have multiple Gmail addresses (ex. you have a personal Gmail address and your school email address is also powered by Gmail), make sure the Gmail address you log in with is the same one you used to create your Hub account. Otherwise, you will be able to log in, but you won't see your resources.
To correct this issue, log out of all Gmail addresses which aren't associated with your Hub account. Log back in using the Gmail address associated with your Hub account.
Some schools have moved over to our new platform. In which case, you should have received a PDF with a district name login. Please contact us for further help.
How do I correct an email log in issue?

To correct this issue, log out of all Gmail addresses which aren't associated with your Hub account. Log back in using the Gmail address associated with your Hub account.

When I login, I only see a white screen, the page isn't loading, or my cursor is spinning. What's the problem I'm facing?

The first thing you need to do is to check your web browser. Make sure you are using the latest version of Chrome or Firefox for the best user experience. If you have updated your web browser and the issue still persists, the computer you're using is an older model that does not support features of newer software.

I don't see the video on the lesson pages listed with video. I can see the text, but the areas where the video should be are showing as blank or white. What should I do?

Make sure you are using the latest version of Chrome or Firefox, and that Flash Player is updated for the best user experience.

Can I project the video, student pages, and PowerPoints?


What items in the lesson pages can I download and print?

You can only download and print the PDF pages. The PowerPoints and videos are not intended to be downloaded.

Can I print the lesson pages?

You cannot print the lesson pages. Each lesson contains a condensed version of the full lesson called "Lessons on the Move," which has a download and print feature.

Are the lessons in the Hub the same as the lessons in the printed guide?

Yes. We have adjusted some of the lesson procedures to incorporate embedded media.

What is the difference between the video at the top of the lessons, and the video in the column of the lesson page?

The video at the top of the lesson pages are teacher backgrounds and modeled lesson videos.

What is the purpose of the videos?

The purpose of the videos are to help prepare you for implementing the lesson below. The videos in the column of the lesson page are a part of the lesson, and you can play them in the classroom for the students.

How do I know when to use the Virtual Field Trips, Skill Power! PowerPoints, and animated videos?

The lesson procedure has clear instructions for using any digital classroom content.

How do I know which lessons have teacher background videos or digital classroom content?

The Introduction section of each guide contains a PDF listing of all of the professional development content and digital classroom content. You can find them divided by section and lesson. Also, each section of the guide has a "Table of Contents" for the lessons and embedded content.

How do I know how much time each lesson should take?

The two main types of lessons in the guide are either foundational lessons (45 minutes) or lessons you can do in a "brush stroke" (10-15 minutes). You will see the length of time for a lesson if the activity is more than 45 minutes. The "Table of Contents" for each section indicates whether a lesson is a foundational lesson or a "brush stroke" lesson.

How do I access the Hub for myself (one teacher)?
Purchase a Single User License. To do so, go to the Products page and select the title and grade level you want. Proceed through the checkout process.
Do I have to create a new Hub account if I had a trial account?

No. Any resources you purchase will appear in your Hub account.

I've signed up for a free trial. How do I access the Hub?

You will receive an email invitation with information to activate your trial account within 24 hours (Monday-Friday).

I've purchased a single user license through the EW website. How do I access the Hub?

You will receive an email invitation with information to activate your account within 24 hours (Monday-Friday).

How long does a User License last?

All User Licenses purchased before April 1st expire on June 30th of the current school year. All User Licenses purchased on or after April 1st will expire on June 30th of the following school year.

Is the Hub off-line during the summer months?

No, if you have an active user license, you can access your guide(s).

Do I need to have a printed guide to go with the Hub?


Do you offer school or district licenses?
Yes. For school or district licenses, please contact us.
Can I share my User License with another teacher?

No. We do not permit sharing a User License. COPYRIGHT LAW GUIDELINES – PLEASE READ. Our copyright agreement for a single user license allows one person to download, print, and copy FOR USE WITHIN HIS OR HER INDIVIDUAL CLASSROOM ONLY. Copying or sharing materials for use in other classrooms or for training purposes is a violation of copyright law. Use in multiple classrooms will require the purchase of additional licenses – one per classroom. Copying, recreating, or modifying this product for the intended purposes of redistributing or selling is strictly forbidden.

How do I make the connection to Google Classroom?

You can connect to Google Classroom by using the user's email address associated with the Hub account and the Google Classroom. Any other teacher using the user's email address will have access to the user's Google Classroom.

I want to purchase the Narrative Guide and the Informational Guide because I want to teach both genres. Do I have to pay for each guide subscription to access both guides?

No. You can purchase a Single User License for (2) Titles for $155. You can purchase multiple genres and/or various grade levels. For example, if you teach both 3rd-grade and 4th-grade, you can purchase the Informational Guide for both grade levels for $155. Click here to buy a 2-title license.

What systems can I use with Interactive Student Pages?

Empowering Writers digital guides provide interactive student pages that can be assigned to a school's LMS and completed online by the students using annotation tools.

Digital guides on the HUB can be integrated with the following learning management systems:

Google Classroom - if you use Google Classroom, your digital classrooms are automatically connected once you login to your digital guide with a Google supported email address.

Canvas, Schoology, Microsoft Office 360, Blackboard, Moodle, Classlink, Clever - if you use one of these LMS a connection must be made with your LMS by your technology department to assign and use the interactive student pages.

If you are not in a position to have the technology department at your district make this connection, you can still use the student pages in the standard PDF format with your digital classroom by following these steps:

Student pages in the standard PDF format 

  1. download the student page PDF to your computer
  2. upload the PDF to your digital classrooms. 

There are third party online tools on the market that allow students to annotate on a standard PDF.

I've purchased the wrong guide in the Hub. Can I exchange it?

Yes, please contact us by email or fill out this form to submit your request.

I changed grade levels, can I switch my HUB guides during the school year?

Yes, we can cancel your current subscription and reassign it to your new grade level. Just email us with the request at askus@empoweringwriters.com or fill out this form to request the change.

Can I transfer a HUB guide to another user?

Yes, please fill out this form to submit a request or send us an email to askus@empoweringwriters.com.

How is data shared when connecting a district LMS to the HUB platform?

When a district connects their LMS to Empowering Writers' HUB platform, the connection is made by a third party partner - Ed.link. Ed.link's application is the gatekeeper for information to flow between the two platforms and user access. For more information on Ed.link's privacy policy and the data collected, please visit https://ed.link/docs/legal/privacy.  Empowering Writers does not collect any student information.

How do students see their Interactive Student pages and how do I see their submissions?

Here are example videos when using Google Classroom. 

Student View - https://vimeo.com/503259062/cbbfe5e881

Teacher View - https://vimeo.com/489588807/4907f68a95


How do I register for a workshop?
There is one easy way to register for a workshop – online!
  • Go to Empowering Writers Workshops.
  • Select the region and workshop you would like to attend.
  • Register to save your seat while you work on your PO, or pay immediately with a credit card. You can also mail us a check to our CT office at:
    Empowering Writers
    731 Main Street
    Suite 117
    Monroe, CT 06468
  • Upon registration completion, you will receive a confirmation email with the balance due and instructions for payment.
I am an admin, can I register several teachers at a time?
Yes. Here's what you need to do:
  • Yes, proceed to register each of your attendees by selecting "add another attendee" on the last page of each registration.
  • As an admin, you will also receive a group confirmation email.
What do I need to bring to the workshop?

All workshops require the corresponding writing resource guide, which you can purchase with your registration in either print or digital format. 
Upon payment of your registration, your printed guide will be mailed to you or your digital guide will be set up. 
A separate guidebook for the workshop will be emailed to you prior to the workshop. Please printout to have access to it for the workshop.

I haven't received my confirmation email. How do I know if I'm registered for a particular workshop?
Registration emails sometimes end up in spam folders; please check there if you do not see a confirmation email in your Inbox.

Or, email askus@empoweringwriters.com for another copy.

What does my fee cover?

Your fee covers a full day of instruction and unlimited support. Plus access to handouts when needed.
Our in-person workshop provide coffee & tea.
What if I registered with a printed guide?

If you registered with a printed guide we will mail your guide to the address noted in your registration. Payment is required in-order to ship.

What if I registered with a digital guide?

If you registered with a digital guide, you will receive emails about your account setup, and how to access your guide a few days before the workshop. Please access your guide before attending the workshop. Payment must be received within 2 weeks after the workshop to keep the guide active.

What if I need to cancel?

If you need to cancel, and do so within 24 hours before the workshop, we will apply a credit for you to use for another open workshop. We do not offer refunds.

Can I send a substitute?

Yes. Please notify your workshop planner or call the CT office to make a substitution. We will need the name and email address of the new person who plans on attending.

Will I receive Continuing Education Credits (CEU's, CME's, PDU's)?

We are not a Continuing Education Provider. However, we will email you a certificate for 6 contact hours at the workshop upon completing a workshop feedback survey. Please check your spam folder if you do not see it in your Inbox.

Can you bring this workshop onsite at my school? And, can we receive additional coaching?

Yes! We conduct onsite training and coaching for thousands of educators every year. To learn more about our offerings, or to learn how we can bring tailored training to meet your school district's needs, please call 1-866-285-3516.

Ordering & Shipping

How can I order Empowering Writers materials?
Orders can be placed online through our website Store tab, or sent via fax, email or mail. 
Ordering with a Purchase Order: Purchase orders may be faxed, emailed, or mailed as follows:
Fax: 1-203-452-8365
Mail to: Empowering Writers, 731 Main Street, Suite 117, Monroe, CT 06468
Ordering with a Credit Card: We will not charge your credit card for an online until your order ships. Accepted credit cards: MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover.
Ordering with a check: If you are paying by check, please include the quote with the order items listed and make checks payable to Empowering Writers. Please send your check to the CT address listed above.
Will I receive tracking information for my order?

Yes! Once your order ships, you will receive an automated email from our warehouse with your tracking information. Be sure to include a valid email address with your order! Automated emails frequently get labeled as spam, so remember to check the spam folder, too.

Will I receive a receipt for my order?

Yes! If you order with a credit card online from our website, you will receive an automated confirmation with your order. Please note, the confirmation is your receipt. If you placed your order with a purchase order, an invoice will be emailed if an email is provided or it will be mailed to you.

What if my school is tax-exempt?

If your school is tax-exempt, you will be required to submit a valid, signed and current dated tax-exempt certificate to complete your order. Once we receive this certificate, we will update your account to be tax exempt. Please submit your tax-exempt certificate as follows:


Fax: 1-203-452-8365

Email: AskUs@empoweringwriters.com

Mail to: Empowering Writers, 731 Main Street, Suite 117, Monroe, CT 06468

Why is my credit card being declined?

The most common error when entering your credit card information is an incorrect billing address. The billing address entered must match the billing address on file with the credit card authorization company. If you are still having issues, it could be that the number or expiration date was entered incorrectly.

How long does it take for my order to arrive?

We typically process orders within one business day of receiving them. We don't ship orders on weekends or on the holidays.

Orders submitted by 12:00 p.m. EST are shipped the same day. Orders submitted after 12:00 p.m. EST are shipped the next business day. Most orders shipping within the United States are shipped using UPS Ground and should be delivered within 1-3 days depending on your location. Orders shipped from our Canadian warehouse are shipped using Canada Post.

Credit card authorization and verification must be completed before processing.

How much is shipping?

Shipping is included in the price of the materials. If you are outside the US, a $20 USD handling fee will be added at checkout.

Do you offer expedited shipping service?

No, we cannot offer this delivery option.

Can you ship by truck or pallet?

Orders containing more than 15 boxes will ship by truck or pallet. When we receive an order of this size, we will contact you for additional details to arrange delivery. This type of shipment requires the ability to accept a pallet and to use a lift-gate. It can also be drop-shipped with an inside delivery. Truck deliveries are typically utilized when shipping to a warehouse.

What if my order arrives incomplete?
  • First, check to be sure you have received the correct number of boxes. The tracking you receive will show a tracking number for each box.

  • Locate your packing slip – it is typically in Box 1.

  • Follow the Unpacking Instructions provided.

  • Compare the packing slip to your original order to be sure they match. Remove the contents of each box and sort the books by product number or title to be sure quantities match. Do not discard any boxes or distribute books until you are sure your order is correct. If you are still missing an item, call us at our toll-free #866-285-3516 or email us at: AskUs@empoweringwriters.com. Our shipping manager will research your order and resolve the issue.

What if I was shipped the incorrect items?

If we made a mistake, call us at our toll-free #866-285-3516 or email us at: AskUs@empoweringwriters.com and we will correct your order at no cost to you.

What if I made a mistake when ordering?

It will be your responsibility to return the unopened item(s). If replacement items need to be shipped, then we will ship those at no additional cost to you as a gesture of good business practice. Before returning any items, contact our shipping manager for instructions where to ship the return item(s) at our toll-free #866-285-3516 or email us at: AskUs@empoweringwriters.com.

What is your Return and Refund Policy?

Unopened items can be returned at your cost within 30 days. A processing fee of $40 will be deducted from your refund. Before shipping any items back, contact our shipping manager for instructions. "Sale" and "Out-of-Print" items cannot be returned or refunded.

What is your Security Policy?

Your payment and personal information are always safe. Our Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software is the industry standard and among the best software available today for secure commerce transactions. It also encrypts all of your personal information, including credit card number, name, and address—so that nobody can discover it over the Internet.

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