6 Best Writing Lessons Ever
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The Hub

Get an all-in-one interactive 360-degree online resource that brings you professional development, digital teaching tools, how-to demonstration videos and digital resources for students.

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The Toolbox

Check out our toolbox of resources for teachers. Get access to our student writing samples and lessons, and find scope and sequence guides to help you easily plan your writing lessons.

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6 Best Writing Lessons Ever

The Hub

by Empowering Writers is a powerful tool for teachers and curriculum leaders – an interactive 360-degree online resource that combines professional development, digital teaching tools, how-to demonstration videos, and direct to student content.  

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21st-Century Writing Resources

To Make Your Job Easier

This comprehensive resource offers teachers full access to the information and tools necessary to improve student writing and reading proficiency.
The Hub subscription Includes:
  • Enhanced digital replicas of time-tested EW instructional materials
  • Actual classroom videos of foundational skills taught by EW certified instructors
  • Virtual “field trips” that provide background for text annotation and analysis
  • New ways to engage students and appeal to every learning style
Developed from years of professional coaching experience, The Hub delivers pragmatic, how-to guidance to help teachers meet the demand for improved writing and reading skills and literacy achievement.

The Hub Empowers Teachers With...

Easy to use Table of Contents listing all of the lessons

Teacher background videos to inform your instruction

Digital replication of your teacher manual with Lesson Objective, Procedure, and Lesson at a Glance

Virtual Field Trips to build vocabulary and provide background information about the topic

Skill Power! PowerPoints to introduce skills to your students

Assignable student lessons and activities  created for
Distance Learning

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Professional Development

All of the background information needed to inform instruction is embedded right into the lessons. Access how-to videos from experienced coaches, watch modeled lessons from real classrooms, and learn helpful implementation tips from master EW teachers.

Teacher Background Videos

Teacher Background Videos

Critical background knowledge on all genres of writing for the adult learner that will inform and improve their writing instruction.

Classroom Modeled Lessons

Classroom Modeled Lessons

Here is actual footage of key foundational skills the teacher is sharing in the classroom. Watch how the instructor manages the lesson content as he/she moves through the lesson.

Coaching Segments

Coaching Segments

Overviews, pacing and troubleshooting tips by Empowering Writers' Master Teachers on all aspects of writing instruction.

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Time Tested Strategies & Lessons

Proven Instruction

Time Tested Strategies and Lessons

All of Empowering Writers' main teacher manuals have been replicated and embedded with digital content to enhance student learning. With a HUB subscription, each grade level guide comes with:

  • Scores of lessons in each genre (narrative, expository, opinion, argument, response to text)
  • Well-scaffolded lessons on the explicit skill necessary for effective writing
  • Step-by-step lesson plans and clear, measurable objectives
  • Mentor-texts for annotation and analysis
  • Opportunities and strategies for breaking writing into a series of smaller, more manageable tasks
  • Scripted lessons for effective modeling
  • Opportunities for differentiating instruction to meet diverse needs
  • Suggestions for applying writing skills across the curriculum
  • Resources to teach grammar, mechanics, punctuation

Direct to Student Content

We designed our engaging videos to introduce students to the topic, and to provide valuable background information and vocabulary. In an engaging multi-sensory fashion, your students will have a better knowledge base with which to approach the related reading and writing tasks.


Virtual Field Trips

Videos designed to introduce students to the topic and provide valuable background information and vocabulary, in an engaging multi-sensory fashion, so that students will have a better knowledge base with which to approach the related reading and writing tasks.


Skill Power! PowerPoints

Our PowerPoints are designed for teachers to present a digital lesson plan for the whole class. These PowerPoints introduce a new skill and provide clear instruction for students. In this way, we can help guarantee that your students work with consistent language across grade levels while they receive all of the necessary information.


Animated Video Lessons

These engaging videos introduce the main skills of narrative and expository writing to students.