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6 Best Writing Lessons Ever

Teaching Writing and Reading in Arkansas

RISE and Writing...Hand-in-Hand

Dear Administrator,

Thank you for your dedication, expertise and the instructional support you provide to your teachers, students, and district every day. We know you must deal with many things daily. When it comes to students’ writing instruction and proficiency – it can be challenging to fit in writing skills development within an ELA block that is heavily focused on “Learning to Read” as part of the RISE Arkansas initiative.

In Arkansas, you may be concerned about:

  • how to prepare my school for ACT Aspire testing throughout the year and make the most of our quarterly proficiency evaluations to prep students to succeed.
  • what can help my teachers leverage the Science of Reading learning methodology to develop foundational, critical writing skills that support RISE Arkansas goals.
  • how can our teachers help students grow as writers and also be prepared for Arkansas’ prompt writing requirements in grade 3-6 (for narrative, opinion and argumentative writing skills testing).

At Empowering Writers, we hope to boost your efforts in the area of student writing instruction. Our K-8 writing methodology already aligns with current ADE standards and seamlessly supports the RISE Arkansas initiative. Empowering Writers dovetails with current RISE instruction and complements what your teachers are already doing, so that we help everyone make the writing-reading connection.

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Science of Reading?

   The now famous Reading Rope illustrates the many strands that are woven into skilled reading, which can be broken into two areas of instruction, Language Comprehension and Word Recognition. Writing plays a significant role in building strategic reading skills: literacy knowledge, vocabulary, and more, all of which can be taught through explicit, effective writing instruction. Our team of educators has created Writing’s Role in the Science of Reading to dive deeper... Continue

Empowering Writers helps teachers build students’ writing abilities while supporting the Linguistic Comprehension component of the Simple View of Reading (within RISE Arkansas). As such, Empowering Writers’ writing-reading connection helps to develop and improve students’ vocabulary and semantics, grammar and syntax, inferencing, comprehension monitoring, and the background knowledge students need to be skilled readers.

At Empowering Writers, we’re with your teachers every step of the way. We provide professional development and training that shows your teachers how to implement writing instruction through the use of reading materials they already have, to effectively supplement their reading instruction, maximize instructional time, and strengthen students’ writing skills! Watch the Foundations of Literacy video for more details. →

We, at Empowering Writers, are constantly updating our skill-based writing instruction to enhance your current initiatives. In fact, one Arkansas school that started using Empowering Writers achieved the top writing scores in the district.


Hear it Directly from an Arkansas Teacher:

“Last year was my first year to teach 6th grade ELA. I was very worried about teaching writing. During my own education, my teachers didn’t teach me how to write well. Through Empowering Writers, I stated enjoying writing for the first time in my life, and I was excited to share my stories with my students. The lessons were so fun and engaging, and the students gained confidence in their writing skills (just like I did!).

When I finally got to see the results of the ACT Aspire test, I was literally in tears.
Some my lowest-achieving students
scored above the 90th percentile in writing!”

- 6th- Grade Teacher (AR)

Empowering Writers is a proven, research-based, methodology – designed by teachers, for teachers – that gives your teachers the knowledge, skills, instructional strategies, and confidence to dramatically improve students’ writing abilities and reading comprehension.

For the past 24 years, Empowering Writers has transformed K-8 classroom writing and raised student test scores significantly against state standards. With over 100,000 teachers using Empowering Writers, we know it can help your teachers too!

Look how a fellow Administrator is successfully using Empowering Writers in her school district:

"We began implementing Empowering Writers in Bryant two years ago. Empowering Writers provides rich literacy instruction that guides students as both readers and writers. Our teachers benefited greatly from the excellent professional development alongside the digital guides that Empowering Writers organized to match our district needs. 

The accessible, sustainable lessons found in the HUB instill confidence in teachers which transfers into quality, systematic, and explicit instruction.  The improvements in our students' language comprehension, text analysis, constructed response, and writing skills were immeasurable!"  

- Linda Clark, K-5 District Literacy Specialist - Bryant Public Schools

You can empower your teachers and literacy team with Empowering Writers today!
We make teaching writing fun with instruction that engages and motivates students to write throughout the school year! Your educators get the required curriculum that align with your Arkansas standards. Teachers have the tools they need to teach effectively, improve skills, and support writing development (both in classrooms and within your school’s digital platform). Everyone works together to empower young writers across and between grade levels, throughout the school or district.

Let us show you how:
Empowering Writers provides everything your teachers need to teach writing well, improve student performance, raise test scores, maximize instruction time, and meet state standards. From lesson plans and teacher materials, to professional development and master-level instruction, plus online resources that are integrated within your digital classroom, we make teaching writing easier and infinitely more effective.

Call us today at 1-866-285-3516 or contact us here.
We welcome the opportunity to listen and learn about your specific needs and goals, assess where you currently are against those instructional goals, and offer the right solution to meet your needs. Contact us now for a complimentary assessment of your writing instruction alignment with ACT Aspire requirements and curriculum framework that supports the RISE Arkansas initiative.

P.S. Check out how other schools and administrators are using Empowering Writers to improve student writing, raise test scores and grow their teachers’ abilities to teach writing with excitement and confidence! CASE STUDIES PAGE