6 Best Writing Lessons Ever
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6 Best Writing Lessons Ever
Practical Writing Instruction That Makes Students Better Readers

Practical Writing Instruction That Makes Students Better Readers

There is a proven link between solid writing skills, higher levels of reading comprehension, and literacy as a whole. For the past 23 years, Empowering Writers has provided instructional resources to teachers, schools, and districts to help develop and refine writing proficiency in students of all ages.

Why and How:
Streamline the “Reading and Writing” Process

Empowering Writers’ proven research-based methodology provides teachers with the background knowledge, specific skills, instructional strategies, and the confidence necessary to dramatically improve writing instruction and reading comprehension. Our interactive workshops, online resources, teacher manuals, and other instructional materials for K-8 educators not only provide a positive and lasting impact in the classroom but on high stakes standardized tests as well.

Challenges to Instructional Success in Reading and Writing

Challenges to Instructional Success in Reading and Writing:

  • There is not enough instructional time to teach writing
  • Teachers need to make the critical connections between solid reading skills and understanding the thought process of authors.
  • Most ELAR programs lack the direct instruction teachers need to effectively teach critical aspects of reading analysis.
  • Many teachers still try to fit writing lessons into a “writing block” rather than applying lessons across all content areas.
  • State standards require teachers to teach narrative, expository and informational, opinion, literary analysis tasks, research simulated tasks, evidence-based writing, and summarizing text. Most programs assume that teachers understand the salient features of each genre and know how to provide direct instruction.
  • Most teachers have no formal instruction in “HOW” to teach writing and many have access to too many resources.
  • There is no easy way to streamline the writing resources so often times teachers are doing their “own thing” rather than using a common language and delivering assured experiences for each grade level.

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Empowering Writers Delivers:


Resource Customization

Through technology and online access using your ELA resource customize the Empowering Writers writing lessons to fit in your scope and sequence.


Streamlined Literacy

Reading and Writing really are the flip side of the same coin. Use the knowledge of the author’s toolbox to make every interaction with text a pre writing experience while maximizing instructional time across the content areas.


Training Resources

Comprehensive and fully developed lessons that answer the question “how” to teach students to write well and apply those skills to critical reading tasks.


Common Language and Assured Experiences

As with all instruction, the more students hear the same message and build on prior knowledge the more they will internalize the writing process and enhance their reading skills.  Empowering Writers Methodology for delivering instruction allows for whole class instruction that delivers consistency and builds that common language.


Measurable Teacher Engagement

Our data demonstrates a significant increase in teacher buy-in by having an easy to access approach to writing lessons. These lessons  deliver measurable student results that will build student and teacher confidence quickly. As teachers experience the impact of those lessons they will continue to tap into the valuable instruction.


Making it Your Own Opportunities

Understanding that writing lessons and reading skills abound! Think about your curriculum and tap into our Make it Your Own Connections to never miss an opportunity to capitalize on text experiences.

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