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Narrative and Expository Writing Samples

Each year, I always begin with section one in my EW Expository/Opinion Guide focusing on author’s purpose and genre. Here is one of my most favorite lessons that I introduce when school begins and use it as a staple lesson throughout the year. As I change topics I am teaching about, and incorporate units my students are learning about in science and social studies, I spiral back to this lesson. Guess what the best thing about the side by side activity is? It begins as a foundational lesson starting in K-1. These skills are building each year. So no matter the grade level you are teaching, this lesson is for you! See the samples from classes all over my school below!

Need a list of side by side books to use in your classroom?? Click Here for EW’s list!! #bestfindever

Side by Side Book Covers – Pairing Fiction/Non-Fiction books to look at the salient skills in Narrative and Expository writing.


 Image result for if you give a pig a pancakeImage result for nonfiction book on pigs

First Grade

     Image result for fall mixed up    Image result for nonfiction book on fall leaves

Second Grade

  Image result for brave irene    Image result for nonfiction book on snow

Sixth Grade

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