6 Best Writing Lessons Ever
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6 Best Writing Lessons Ever

Prescriptive Feedback - Student Samples

Students samples are a great way to see the power of Empowering Writers methodology and instruction. Use the samples below for tips on how to assess and improve student writing.

Click the image to access the sample.

Firefigther Sample Image
Martial Arts.Sample Image copy
Grizzly Sample Image
Humback Whale Sample Image
Detail Generating Questions - Grade 1
Informational Writing - Grade 2
Response to Text - Grade 3
Constructed Response - Grade 3
Dogs Sample Image copy
Hamster Sample Image
Pool.Sample Image copy
Travel.Sample Image copy
Informational Writing - Grade 3
Informational Process Piece - Grade 3
Informational Writing - Grade 3
Informational Writing - Grade 3
JeanFrancois Sample Image
Horseshoe Crab Sample Image copy
Cats Informational Sample Image
Cheerstation Sample Image
Response to Text - Grade 4
Informational/Expository Process Piece - Grade 4
Opinion Writing - Grade 4
Developing Main Ideas - Grade 4
Japanese New Years Sample Image
Catalinas Future Sample Image
Grade 5 Beach Sample Image
Boogie Boarding Sample Image copy
Informational Writing - Grade 4
Response to Text - Grade 5
Informational Writing - Grade 5
Revise this Narrative Beginning - Grade 4
Frogs in the Pool Sample Image
Red Wolves Sample Image copy
Narrative.SoftballGame.Sample Image
SnowMonster.Sample Image copy
Narrative Writing - Grade 2
Narrative Character/Problem/Solution - Grade 2
Narrative Writing - Grade 3
Narrative Character/Problem/Solution - Grade 3
Polo Sample Image copy
Shoot.Sample Image copy
EWA.Sample Image copy
Snowed.Sample Image copy
Narrative Extension Task - Grade 4
Personal Experience Narrative - Grades 4
Narrative Writing - Grade 4
Personal Experience Narrative - Grade 4
Personal Exp Jason Sample Image
Splash Sample Image copy
Autumn the Best Time of the Year Image
PaloPinto.Sample Image copy
Personal Experience Narrative - Grade 5
Narrative Writing - Grade 6
Opinion Writing - Grade 5
STAAR Released Paper - Opinion Writing - Grade 4
Wow Autumn.Sample Image copy
Dog Main Ideas Sample Image
Opinion Writing - Grade 4
Developing Main Ideas - Grade 4