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Read our case studies to see how we’ve helped school districts across the country grow and succeed in writing for over a decade.

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Check out our toolbox of resources for teachers. Get access to our student writing samples and lessons, and find scope and sequence guides to help you easily plan your writing lessons.

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6 Best Writing Lessons Ever
Comprehensive Teacher Resources

Spanish Writing Resources

For the past 23 years, Empowering Writers continues to provide award-winning teacher resources. We help teachers by giving them everything they need to be successful with their writing instruction – including bilingual classrooms.

All of our comprehensive resources align with the required State standards.

Spanish Resources and Benefits

  • PowerPoints you can use in Spanish
  • Student pages, Virtual Field Trips, & Spanish Skill Power!
  • Differentiate instruction to meet diverse needs
  • Scaffolded lessons for effective writing
  • Suggestions, advice, and writing guidance
  • Teacher resources with measurable objectives
  • Scores of lessons in each genre
  • Mentor-texts for annotation and analysis
  • Scripted lessons for effective modeling
  • Learn how to break writing into manageable tasks

Spanish Instructional Tools (Grades K-1st)

Spanish primary resources that are great for ESL, Bilingual, or Dual Immersion Spanish classes

Spanish Instructional Tools (Grades 2nd-5th)

Elementary resources to help your Spanish students with different writing genres

Spanish Resources (Grades K-1st)

Our Getting Ready to Write guide is jam-packed with lessons that will prepare your youngest writers for narrative, expository/informative, and opinion writing, as well as age-appropriate research skills. This book focuses on awareness and understanding of the story and the genre, with age-appropriate lessons for your youngest authors. This guide comes with a set of K1 Activity cards in Spanish.

We also have a set of Tabletop Sentence Starters that provide easy-reference sensory sentence starters to help students improve word choice and sentence variety.


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Spanish Writing Guides (Grades 2nd-5th)

Our Informational/Expository & Opinion Writing Guides include all of the foundational expository and opinion writing skills. They also include strategies and lesson plans necessary for effective expository, opinion, and response to text writing.

A strong reading-writing connection is established throughout the guide, and offers multiple opportunities for deconstructing, analyzing, and annotating texts to prepare students to write in response to them.

The Narrative Writing Guide includes all of the foundational narrative writing skills for your students, and provides everything you need to be successful at teaching narrative, personal experience, and response to text writing.

A Sentence A Day for Grade 2 is another phenomenal resource. In an engaging, fast-paced ten minutes a day, students continue to learn how to construct sentences, recognize parts of simple sentences, parts of speech, grammar, and punctuation. During this time, we reinforce the essential characteristics of narrative and expository writing.

The Student Writing Folders are a great reference tool and organizer all in one. When writing, students can refer to the suggested sentence starters to help build variety and interesting word choice in their writing. Then, they can store their work in progress in the handy pocket inside these brightly colored folders.

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