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Professional Development Options for Schools and Districts

With countless years of combined classroom experience, we know the importance of hands-on training and professional development for every teacher of writing. Our extensive onsite and online programs are designed to help teachers provide a consistent and effective learning experience focused on the writing discipline.

The Hub

Are you looking to improve the student writing in your school but you don’t have the time or budget for traditional professional development?

The Hub: Empowering Writers’ Digital Suite provides your teachers all of the great background information from our full-day workshops, coaching video, and digital tools for the classroom to transform their writing instruction.  All in one location.  The benefits include:

  • improved teacher practice in assessing and correcting student writing
  • a consistent approach to writing instruction throughout your school
  • instruction on all genres of writing for grade levels K-8
  • answers to hundreds of challenging questions on writing instruction
  • perfect content for PLC’s, grade level, in-house pd/staff development
  • engaging classroom content for building vocabulary and background knowledge


Schedule a full-day Empowering Writers workshop at your school or district.  Your teachers will improve their teacher practice and understand the techniques of how to effectively teach writing. This workshop will provide your staff with everything they need to be successful teaching writing by learning:

  • a proven methodology and specific strategies for writing instruction
  • how to assess student work and provide productive feedback
  • effective modeling
  • the salient, specific skills of narrative, expository, opinion genres
  • a consistent approach to writing instruction
  • and much more


One way to keep implementation on track and assure successful results is to meet with an Empowering Writers’ master trainer at points during the school year.  These brisk, 45-minute online sessions are an easy way for your team to:

  • inform their instruction and answer their questions
  • assess their students’ work with our trainer
  • review aspects of instruction
  • get ready for the state assessment

We recommend three webinars during the school year with an EW Master Trainer which include:

  • Kick off session to introduce EW to team and prepare teachers for first 6-8 weeks of instruction
  • Check-in session for Q&A with grade levels to maintain accountability and keep implementation on track
  • Assessment prep session to focus instruction on pertinent writing skills and test taking strategies


Schedule an EW trainer to visit your school.  This is a great opportunity for your team to:

  • see the effectiveness of Empowering Writers’ methodology and strategies in their classrooms
  • learn tips and techniques for writing instruction from a master trainer
  • understand what effective modeling looks like
  • get coaching on the parts of instruction that present the most challenges
  • assess student work

Download the Explanation of Coaching Services PDF for more information

Download the Explanation of Coaching Services PDF