Empowering Writers

Direct to Student Content

Bringing Learning to Life

Increase the engagement and responsiveness of your students with videos, animation and high-impact teaching tools, an effective complement to traditional classroom instruction.  In addition, our digital resources for the classroom provide guidance for the teacher and ensure consistency and common language during implementation across the grade level.

Virtual Field Trips

Videos designed to introduce students to the topic and provide valuable background information and vocabulary, in an engaging multi-sensory fashion, so that students will have a better knowledge base with which to approach the related reading and writing tasks.  Available in Spanish

Skill Power! PowerPoints

PowerPoints designed for teachers to present a digital lesson plan to the whole class that introduces a new skill and provides clear instruction for students.  In this way, we can help guarantee there is consistent language used and students are presented with all the necessary information.  Available in Spanish

How to Incorporate Skill Power! PowerPoints


Skill Power! Word Referents – Grade 6 Example

Skill Power Grade 6 Example




Animated Video Lessons

Engaging videos that introduce the main skills of narrative writing to students.



Ralphie – Detail Generating Questions Screenshots

animated writing lesson screen shots

Animated Lesson: Ralphie – Detail Generating Questions


“The Writing Teacher” Videos

The Writing Teacher videos are found in Empowering Writers’ Assessment Review resources.  Designed as whole-class instruction, these videos deliver critical review material direct to students by an EW expert, then handed off to the classroom teacher for powerful guided practice experiences. The Writing Teacher videos accompany day-by-day, step-by-step lessons with clear objectives and procedures that revisit all the key skills covered in the grade level and genre based EW Guides.


The Writing Teacher Screenshots

writing teacher image