Empowering Writers

Toolbox: Resources


Building Authors’ Thinking

Click on the download button below to access the building blocks of author’s thinking in narrative, informative, and opinion writing. I have watched in fascination how a five year old can build a sophisticated tower out of blocks but cannot write his name. The thought process of putting the tower together usually involves a sturdy […]

Author’s Group Model

Where would I be without my Writer’s Group? Alone in my office in my pajamas, probably, which is where I spend most of my work days. This an occupational hazard of being a novelist. The antidote to this professional solitude is the Writer’s Group. I have been meeting with my own Literary Consortium (read that: […]

Close Reading for Well Organized Writing

If you’re interested in these strategies, click the link below to download the full lesson plan! Every time I started a new research project or even a new science or social studies unit in my classroom I nearly pulled my hair out in frustration! I’d introduce the topic, then give my students some reading material […]

Using Language Prompts

How do students know what they need to write? What structure to choose? What genre do I use? Is this narrative or expository? Students are often confronted with assignments that use specific language cues. These language cues offer insight into the genre and purpose of the response, however, students often cannot discern that language and […]

Modeling: The most important step in the Methodology

How frustrating is it when your students are struggling with writing, your district poses strict guidelines on the volume of writing they must produce, and all you seem to do is push them? What should be a creative, rewarding critical thinking experience can begin to feel like rolling a boulder up the side of a […]