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K-2 Expository Lesson: How to be a good friend

Download K-2 Lesson of the Month below. Celebrate friendship by sharing a book about friends. Locate a friendship book in the school library, or your own class collection. Some suggested titles are: The Crayon: A Colorful Tale About Friendship by Simon Rickerty (Alladin 2014), Queen-A-Bella Finds a Best Friend by Lisl Fair (Brainy Connections 2012), […]

February 2015 Lesson of the Month

This month, students will research February’s celebrated heroes with one important question in mind! What type of influences – and/or media – prepared these epic heroes for their courageous roles? Then students will explore their own influences and how they might adjust these for their future. Melody Beattie, a revered self-help author, said, “The new […]