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Toolbox: Lesson of the Month

Lesson of the Month

January 2011 Lesson of the Month

This month we’re actually offering two lessons! Last year in January, with state testing around the corner, we offered test-prep strategies, and thought it was worth running these again. Also included will be a mini-lesson on “response to literature” that can be applied to whatever your students are reading. Simply scroll past the test prep […]

December 2010 Lesson of the Month

Whether you live in the sun-belt or the north pole, everyone loves the image of a snow covered Arctic landscape. Everyone’s favorite Arctic inhabitant is, quite possibly, the penguin. Regardless of the grade you teach, students will enjoy researching fun facts about this comical, flightless bird. The class will put together a collection of “golden […]

November 2010 Lesson of the Month

As thoughts turn toward Thanksgiving, our lesson of the month will encourage a bit of research and inspire some fun! Students will research and take notes on the wild turkey, write an informational paragraph, and then make their own wild gobbler. Here’s how… 1) Explain that they will research to find out all about wild […]

October 2010 Lesson of the Month

It’s hard to believe autumn is here – the time of year when students and teachers both settle into a comfortable routine and, together, explore and enjoy the many changes fall brings! Thinking about a new season in life is always invigorating and fun – this month’s lesson uses the “stuff” of autumn as the […]

September 2010 Lesson of the Month

As exciting as a new school year can be, it is often also surrounded by a wide range of feelings and emotions. Often students (and teachers!) feel a mix of emotions at the prospect of beginning a new year. Of course, the best way to explore feelings is to write about them! This lesson inspires […]

June 2010 Lesson of the Month

Persuade someone to make one summer dream plan come true! For sure, persuasive writing is a sophisticated genre – but – just ask parents – even the youngest students can present their arguments in a compelling (although not always the most convincing) way! This lesson will suggest age-appropriate ways to write a persuasive letter! Here’s […]

April 2010 Lesson of the Month

Spring Inspiration (In 17 syllables!) Do these numbers mean anything to you? 17: 5 – 7 – 5 Hint: think poetry… If you guessed Haiku, you are right! Our April lesson of the month will feature this ancient Japanese form of poetry. Haiku gets its distinctive style from both its form and its thematic material. […]