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Toolbox: Lesson of the Month

Lesson of the Month

February 2014 Lesson of the Month

Not sure whether this newsletter finds you bundled up in front of the fire, the wind and snow howling outside, or basking in the sunshine…but here at the Empowering Writers home office in Monroe, CT we’ve been grumbling about the latest “Arctic Vortex” that’s brought single digit temperatures and wind chills that are too frosty […]

January 2014 Lesson of the Month

Wishes for a happy, healthy, and productive New Year from Barb, Dea, and the entire EW team!  After devoting most of 2013 to developing our online digital video support series we’ve finally come for air – and our first New Year’s Resolution, as always, is to continue to develop resources and workshops that meet all […]

December 2013 Lesson of the Month

Warm holiday greetings from Barb, Dea, and the entire EW team! We know you’re caught up in the hustle and bustle of the season, and trying to keep a million balls in the air. So, how about a lesson of the month that includes it all – holiday cheer, a fun art connection, and solid […]

November 2013 Lesson of the Month

In fact, this is one of my all time favorite lessons! Living in New England, out in the woods means that wild turkeys are regular visitors in my backyard. They strut around in the grass, and they roost in the trees in the evening. And, trust me, they do make a racket gobbling! In this […]

October 2013 Lesson of the Month

The air has just a bite of cold and it’s time for wearing warm, cozy sweaters. That’s what autumn looks like here in New England. But is that what autumn looks like around the world? This lesson inspires students to research an area and then describe autumn in that area of the world. Our lesson […]

September 2013 Lesson of the Month

This month’s lesson can be adapted for all grades, is a terrific vehicle for you to get to know students and for them to get to know one another. It involves a skill we refer to as “being a part of a credible group” – a useful tool that can be applied to convincing argument […]

May 2013 Lesson of the Month

If you’re like me you get a terrible case of spring fever every year. Up here in Connecticut spring seems to come later and later or maybe I am less tolerant. I am always ready to launch into a spring writing lesson that evokes a hint of the warmer days to come. It brings a […]

April 2013 Lesson of the Month

Spring is in the air and everyone is a little itchy to get outside. My students need something engaging to keep their mind on school. I always love a good craft project so I set my students on a research quest to find a class project that all will enjoy. So how does a craft […]

May 2011 Lesson of the Month

May is a good time to celebrate the people in your life, mothers and grandmothers especially. It’s hard to find the words sometimes to tell the people who are important to you how you feel. This lesson gives students a chance to share the love in a greeting card with a creative poem using simile […]

April 2011 Lesson of the Month

Spring has sprung – and along with the budding trees and blooming flowers we’ve got a lesson for you that you’ll want to use year after year when April rolls around. We often think of research as relating mostly to expository texts. But, in fact, authors of all genres use research as a tool for […]

March 2011 Lesson of the Month

Top of the morning to you! It’s a great time of year to celebrate all things magical. Leprechauns and fairies take center stage in this month’s lesson. Using the season as a springboard to writing a “fairy” tale is an engaging way to teach the skills of narrative writing while having a little fun along […]

February 2011 Lesson of the Month

This month you will stretch your student’s repertoire of author’s craft by including a lesson on alliteration and adding a simple twist using onomatopoeia. Have fun with words this month. Here’s what you’ll do: 1) Explain to the class that it’s time for a little fun with language. You can discuss with your students that […]