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Toolbox: Kindergarten


April 2016 K-1 Lesson of the Month

For this month’s K-1 lesson, let’s create a class book based on Sue William’s book, I Went Walking and the NO GO word cards. Here’s what you’ll do: First, read the book by Sue Williams entitled, I Went Walking, to the children. Point out how the character walks all around and finds many animals of […]

Getting Ready To Write – Kindergarten – 1st Grade – Scope and Sequence

In my school we used to say, tongue-in-cheek, that our over-all approach to writing was “curriculum by folktale.” Our building had been closed for many years and recently reopened, bringing together educators from the thirteen existing schools throughout the district. And everyone brought with them the writing lessons they’d made their own. The result was […]

K-1: Simplified Opinion Pillar

If there was one thing my own children had at age 5 it was strong opinions. My son Glenn (who today is a fashion designer designing high-end jeans for the Ralph Lauren RRL brand) knew exactly what clothes he preferred to wear to school. I should have known he’d become a collector of Vintage workwear […]