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Toolbox: Expository


A 4th Grade Expository Student Writing Sample

Grade 4 Expository – The Horseshoe Crab Embarking on a research project is often a daunting task for me and my students. First we need to choose a topic and hone that topic so that the research is focused. Then we engage in the research aspect of it and finally the written work. Throughout the […]

“Dogs” – Expository Annotated Sample

WOOF! WOOF!  Warren, a third grade student, loved to act like a dog. He’d get down on all fours and sniff around the room, bark on command, and even sit and stay (on a good day).  As you can imagine, writing was about the last thing Warren wanted to do. In fact, most days he […]

Taking Advantage of the Reading / Writing Connection

At a recent writing workshop, one participant raised her hand. “You know”, she said, “I love all of these techniques. I’m sure my students could really excel with them. But, here’s the reality – after all the time we spend on reading, there’s just not enough left for adequately teaching writing.” A lot of heads […]

K-2 Expository Lesson: How to be a good friend

Download K-2 Lesson of the Month below. Celebrate friendship by sharing a book about friends. Locate a friendship book in the school library, or your own class collection. Some suggested titles are: The Crayon: A Colorful Tale About Friendship by Simon Rickerty (Alladin 2014), Queen-A-Bella Finds a Best Friend by Lisl Fair (Brainy Connections 2012), […]

May 2015 Lesson of the Month

Here’s what you’ll do: First, have the students brainstorm some survival instructions to recommend to the in-coming class. For example: learn your multiplication facts, never come to school without your homework, always shake his/her hand when you walk in the door, raise your hand before you speak, never show your cell phone, don’t lean back […]

Sample Lessons to Empower Student Expository Writing

Here are just a few of sample lessons used to empower this student’s writing, all taken from The Comprehensive Expository Writing Guide. Here is a student sample of opinion writing. Note that the organizational framework is consistent with that of an expository text, featuring an introduction paragraph, several paragraphs in the body of the piece followed […]

Narrative / Expository Side-by-Side Literature List

Looking for just the right books to teach a unit or theme is often quite a process. I always look in my classroom collection first but then I know I will need more. Off to the library I go! I search through the stacks for something even closely related to my theme. I enlist the […]

Expository / Argument Chart – Grade 6-8

How do expository writing and argument writing compare? What similarities and differences do you need to teach your students? This chart identifies the salient qualities and features of each genre. The good news – there are skills that can be taught in one genre that will transfer to the other genre!  

The Expository Pillar

Organization – Expository writing, by its very nature, requires careful organization. In order to deliver information in a way in which the reader can easily grasp, information must be arranged and presented in a logical, sequential manner, with like details grouped together. Often times, students, when writing about a topic, simply list details in random order, as they come […]