Empowering Writers

September 2018 Lesson of the Month

Lesson of the Month: Homophones

Objective: Practice homophones all day, every day! 

Materials: homophone cards (ex: it’s/its, their/there/they’re, your/you’re, too/to/two)

Procedures: *This is an activity that can be done all year long in any subject area.


  • The students are writing main idea sentences for an expository piece on dogs. This could be done individually or in groups. Have them include a commonly misused homophone like their/there/they’re.

Topic: Dogs

Main Idea #1: Breeds

Main Idea #2: Jobs

Main Idea #3: Supplies

  • Possible sentences:
    • ________ are many breeds of dogs throughout the world. (There)
    • Career dogs love ________ jobs. (their)
    • ________ in need of many different supplies. (They’re)
  • Once students have completed (their/there/they’re) sentences, have them lay out the homophone cards. As the students read the sentences, the rest of the class will “slap” the correct card. Students can then spell the correct word. It’s loads of fun and students will become proficient in a very challenging skill! Remember, do this often and with any subject!