Empowering Writers

September 2018 K-1 Lesson of the Month

K-1 Lesson of the Month: Brown Bear, Brown Bear-a five senses lesson

Objective: Create a class book based on Eric Carle’s “Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You…”

Materials: Chart paper/markers, Brown Bear book


  1. Review the five senses
  2. Read Brown Bear to the students. Once you’ve finished, discuss the senses from the book. Chart each sense.
  3. Model writing a sense sentence. Use sentence starters (Tabletop Sentence Starters, https://www.empoweringwriters.com/product/tabletop-sentence-starters-set-of-5/) to help students
  4. Have students draw, label, write sentences with each sense. Take a look at this example: 
  5. They can make their own books or each student do one page for a class book.

**If your students are ready for a higher level book, try “Hello Ocean” by Pam Munoz Ryan. Both books are in Spanish!


Sentence starters:

  • As I glanced around, I noticed ____________.
  • I stared at _________.
  • I gazed at ________.
  • Peering closely, I saw ________.
  • Looking around, I observed ________.
  • Standing quietly, I noticed ________.
  • As I listened, _________.
  • Off in the distance, I could hear __________
  • My ears strained to hear _________.
  • I took in a deep breath and __________.
  • Taking in a whiff of air, I smelled ________.
  • When I ran my hand along _____, it felt like ________.
  • As I touched it, I realized _______.
  • I could taste __________.
  • My mouth watered as I thought about _________.
  • I licked my lips just thinking about ________.
  • It is hard to believe ________.