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The Abominable Snow Teacher – Using Literature to Teach Narrative Writing Skills

“The Abominable Snow Teacher”
By Lisa Passen

Imagine changing into a snow monster! What a problem! This many-faceted lesson based on author Lisa Passen’s picture book titled, “The Abominable Snow Teacher” is the perfect antidote for the winter blahs or cabin fever! Not only will children be delighted by the humorous tale, but the book can serve as a terrific vehicle for teaching key narrative writing skills.

One powerful activity that we highly recommend is that students routinely summarize the narrative stories that they read or hear. This encourages them to reduce the text to the basic plot, identifying the character, setting, and single significant main event around which the narrative is shaped. The summarizing framework included in this lesson can be copied onto chart paper and laminated, used as a dry erase board for the purpose of summarizing EVERY narrative story that kids read. This teaches them the basic underlying organizational structure of the narrative. It also can serve as a simple and effective graphic organizer for their own narrative stories.

In addition, you’ll find activities on elaborative detail and suspense – elements that add to the entertaining quality of any good story! You’ll also be interested to see the actual student samples included in the download. You’ll want to print this out and place it in a folder labeled: Great Lessons for the Dead of Winter!


Download Seasonal Lesson The Abominable Snow Teacher