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Roger The Jolly Pirate – Using Literature to Teach Writing

“Roger the Jolly Pirate”
By Brett Helquist

Ahoy Mates! What better way to set sail on a pirate adventure than to begin with this delightful tale of a buccaneer with few pirate skills? Literature is the inspiration for many great readers and writers, so weigh anchor and set sail with Brett Helquist’s tale, “Roger the Jolly Pirate”.

A foundational skill for effective writing is identifying the character, problem, and solution of a story. Making this reading-writing connection with students enhances their understanding of story elements and increases their ability to make predictions and inferences. This exercise also serves as a powerful pre-writing tool, as the necessary critical thinking is the same as is required to craft a story, creating a character, setting, and plot. Additionally, consider the author’s purpose and genre by looking at the title and book cover. This type of analysis is at the heart of the kinds of literary analysis tasks they’ll engage in in the middle grades and beyond. Included in the lesson plan is a student sample that will tickle your fancy!
Students will create a Jolly Roger flag, paired with a writing lesson. Poor Roger was not the brightest Sea Rover of the bunch, a landlubber if you will, but he managed to ward off the angry swashbucklers. Shiver me timbers, you have to check out the booty in this great lesson!


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