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Sample Lessons to Empower Student Expository Writing

Here are just a few of sample lessons used to empower this student’s writing, all taken from The Comprehensive Expository Writing Guide.

Here is a student sample of opinion writing. Note that the organizational framework is consistent with that of an expository text, featuring an introduction paragraph, several paragraphs in the body of the piece followed by a conclusion paragraph. The difference between opinion and expository writing is that the purpose of an opinion piece is to express a point of view and the reasons for it, backed by specific details. The purpose of an expository piece is to inform the reader.

“Wow! Is Autumn Here Already?”

“Don’t you just love Halloween with all the smell and things to see? I love the feeling of autumn rushing against my body. Autumn is my favorite time of the year. There are so many things to see, smell and feel.

Don’t the smells of fall just make your stomach gurgle with hunger? Buttered popcorn sounds so good after walking around the whole street trick or treating? You can bet that the smells of hot cocoa will get me to drink two sweet, chocolaty mugs. When you walk up the street don’t you love to smell candles burning briskly in their cups? I sure do, especially when it’s a brick cool night, in autumn there are a lot of new things to smell.

I love the feel of autumn. The brisk cool wind feels great brushing against your how sweaty face after walking up and down the street. If you fall in the damp frosty grass, you are sure to get water on your clean warm pants. When you’re picking out your pumpkin, it feels so good to just run your hands over the smooth slippery pumpkin skin. Hayrides are really fun, going bumpety bump, but don’t you hate it when they hay scratches your legs? It feels so rough and pointy. Most of the feels of fall are great.

During autumn there are so many beautiful things popping out. Red and yellow leaves let me know that fall is here and that it is almost time to rake these wonderful colorful leaves. I love lying out on the grass looking up at the clear baby blue sky. Just watching it go by and by. Sometimes the scary pumpkins make you jump when you see them out of the comer of your eye. They are freaky. The flying geese are fun to watch go by in their formation. There are so many wonderful things to see in Autumn.

Autumn is my favorite time of the year. There are so many things to see and feel. If I were you I would keep your taste buds on. You never know when you are going to smell and taste something yummy. I know I would. Autumn is a very special time of the your. To me, it’s great!”

Here are several sample lessons from The Essential Guide to Grade 4 Writing that will help students with the difference between opinion and expository writing.



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