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Toolbox: Edmonton, Alberta

Edmonton, Alberta

Edmonton, AB – Narrative

Deadline: Feb. 23rd, 2020 with printed materials. Feb. 28th as Reg Only or with Digital Guide. Printed guides also available through the bookstore.

Edmonton, AB – K-1

We have already shipped the printed materials, if you need a printed guide with your registration, please order one through our bookstore and register and Registration Only. This workshop is geared for teachers of kindergarten and grade 1, language arts specialists, and administrators.  Participants will learn how to: Examine the developmental stages of writing Explore […]

Edmonton, AB – Narrative

We have already shipped the printed guides for this workshop, if you are registering and want a printed guide, please register as Reg Only and order your guide through the Bookstore. Thank you! The Narrative workshop is geared for any teacher responsible for teaching narrative writing with a focus on grades 2-7. Understand the key […]