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Recommended Picture Books for Teaching Writing in the Elementary Grades

Download this list of mentor texts and share a copy with your school media specialist. Refer to “Getting Ready to Write” to discover all the mileage you can get from these, and any of your favorite picture books.

Picture books are treasure troves of material that can be used to teach writing in memorable ways. In fact, the lessons in our K-1 resource, “Getting Ready to Write” are designed to apply to the literature you love to read, and shows you how to turn every reading experience into a writing experience. This downloadable list of our favorite picture books is set up on a grid and includes the genre of each book (narrative or expository) and includes a column with the specific skills highlighted in the text. Some have fabulous examples of elaborative detail, others provide powerful examples of suspense, vivid verbs, and alternatives to ‘said’. By approaching these picture books through an author’s lens, you can find all the material you need to build an awareness of author’s purpose, author’s craft, all while increasing comprehension.



Download Elementary Literature List