Empowering Writers

Quick Tips – May 2015

Color coding is a fun technique that allows students to be accountable to applying the skills they’ve been taught. For example, if they’re writing an expository piece, you might ask them to underline the lead in red, topic sentence in blue, main idea sentences in green, ‘what does it look like? why is that important?’ in orange, golden bricks in yellow (of course!), and the conclusion in black. This encourages them to identify the skills they need to apply. If the skills and salient features aren’t there, they can’t color-code them. Then they need to go back and revise!

Encourage editing and revising without the usual dread.  Buy a set of brightly colored pencils – explain that they’re “editing” pencils.  Only distribute them to kids for use during editing and revising – one simple way to make editing and revising more fun!

Have students write a letter, poem, or descriptive paragraph. Use a corresponding art lesson to inspire a poem, descriptive paragraph or single writing lesson. Take a look at the Easy Art Activities that Spark Super Writing book for some great ideas to correlate art and writing.