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Persuasive Student Writing Sample

Here is a 7th grade sample of a well-written argumentative essay. Note the strong organizational structure, with an effective introduction that states the issue to be considered. Each body paragraph begins with a clearly stated main reason supported by numerous specific examples to support the argument. The use of quotes, statistics, and anecdotes make for a powerful piece. The author also effectively restates each main reason in the conclusion along with a call to action.

You’re yearning to watch that movie all your friends have been talking about. It’s the summer blockbuster, but will you go to the cinema to see it or will you rent it from the local video store? Before you make your final decision though, you should take a closer look at the positive and negative aspects of both situations. Time’s a wasting so let’s get going!

Special attention should be “paid” to the cost of either avenue. Renting a movie from the store is $5 and you can keep it for 5 days. Watching it as many times as you would like. This is heaven compared to the $8 you must pay for one ticket at the theaters, Where you can only view the movie once. Add in the price of refreshments and you’ve burned a hole in your pocket, but if you’re at home you don’t have to worry about paying for snacks because you have fully stocked cabinets of food.

On top of the cost, you’ll need to add the atmosphere into the equation. Some people enjoy watching the movie from the comfort of their own home. “You can spread our on the couch, stop and pause the movie whenever you like, and rewind if you missed a certain line” says Tara Reed. Thirty minutes of commercials and previews aren’t something you have to deal with at home, either. On the other hand, a recent survey revealed that 52% of moviegoers prefer the theatre environment to a home showing. “Everything is magnified in theatres: the sound, the picture, the excitement. There’s this larger than life aura to the whole theatre experience” explains Bill Thompson, a movie critic. The multiplex, though, is not without its imperfections. For one, you are confined to one seat and are surrounded by strangers. There’s nothing you can do to control the noise level of others around you and if you need to use the bathroom, you go at your own risk of missing vital parts of the film. Renting a movie isn’t all peaches and cream, either. First of all, whatever movie you are watching is modified from its original version, so both the left and right sides of the film are cropped off the screen. Second, there is nor surround sound system. This gives a less intense audio experience of the film.

But no matter where you watch the movie, you’re going to want something to eat. At the theatre, you can choose from a variety of food like candy, chocolate, and the famous movie popcorn these refreshments come at no small cost, though. The average price of a small popcorn is $3.50 and you can’t get candy without spending at least $3 as well. It is interesting to note that 39% of moviegoers say that the selection offsets the high prices. Others, like Lucy Hones, look at the movie theaters as a special occasion: “my family only goes to the theaters once per month and we see it as a treat. If we went more often, we wouldn’t be able to afford the outrageous price gauging of food.” At the same time, others are happy at home with more limited refreshments. ” All I need is popcorn. It’s quick to make and it’s about 90% less expensive than at the cinemas,” says Bob Smith. “there’s no waiting really Involved either. At the movies, you have to wait in line for at least 15 minutes. At home you can eat whenever you’d like.”

It’s decision time! Now that you’ve been educated about the differences in expenditures, ambiance, and munchies of both options, you’ll be better equipped to make your choice. Whatever you decide, don’t forget to enjoy the movie!

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