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October 2018 K-1 Lesson of the Month

K-1 Lesson of the Month: Bats, Bats, and More Bats!!


Objective: Students will use a combination of drawing, dictating, and writing to respond to information and share what they learned from the text.



  • Response to Text cards, GRTW pp. 127-130
  • Bat pattern
  • Black or brown craft or construction paper
  • Pipe cleaners, cut into 3’’ pieces
  • Wiggly eyes
  • Yarn, glue, scissors
  • Expository book/website suggestions:
    • Zipping, Zapping, Zooming Bats by Ann Earle, (Harper Collins Publisher, 1995)
    • National Geographic for Kids: Bats, (Scholastic, 2011)
    • Bats by Gail Gibbons, (Holiday House, 1999)
    • Bats: Facts for Kids by Morgan Louis, (Amazon Digital Services, 2104)
    • animalfactguide.com
    • sciencekids.co.nz




  1. Read an expository book about bats (use suggested book list or choose your favorite book).
  2. Using the response to text cards, GTRW (pp. 127-130) and attached as a download, ask: What was the topic of this book about? bats What did the author teach you? Chart their responses.
  3. Next ask: What else did you learn from the book? Chart more responses. If necessary, go back and review portions of the book to remind the students of the facts they may have forgotten.
  4. On the board write:

This piece gives information about      bats_____.

Author’s Purpose: to give information about bats.  

Fill in the blanks using information about the book read (sample shown above).

  1. MODEL a few sentences using the sentence starters below (or from the back of the response text cards). For younger students, introduce only 1-2 sentence starters per lesson.


The topic of this piece is was bats. I found it interesting that bats hand upside down using their toe claws. I was surprised that baby bats are called pups.


Starter Sentences:

The topic of this piece was about __________.

The author taught us __________.

I learned that ___________.

I found it interesting that _________.

I surprised to learn __________.


  1. Once the MODELING is complete, have the students use the information and create sentences about what they learned. Display the sentence starters to enhance vocabulary and sentence variety.


Art Extension:

  1. Create a bat mobile using the bat pattern attached as a download. Trace the body parts – two wings and one body – on construction or craft paper and cut each piece out. Glue the body parts together creating a completed bat.
  2. Cut pipe cleaners to fit onto the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th fingers of the bat. Attach yarn/string to the bat and hang from the ceiling.
  3. Another option would be to hang the bats from top section of the bulletin board and adhere their informative sentences to the board as well.


**Alternate lessons:

  • Create a class PowerPoint using the students’ sentences.
  • Bring in opinion lessons, GRTW pp. 54-96

Sentence Starters for opinion:

  • It made me think of ______.
  • The most exciting thing I learned was _________.
  • One reason I like bats is because ________.
  • One reason I don’t like bats is because ____________.
  • I enjoyed learning about __________.


Download Bat Model
Download Response to text cards