Empowering Writers

November 2015 K-1 Lesson of the Month

1) Read a book about popcorn to the students, such as The Popcorn Book by Tomie dePaola, (Holiday House), Popcorn by Frank Asch, (Aladdin), The Popcorn Shop by Alice Low, (Scholastic), The Popcorn Dragon by Jane Thayer, (HarperCollins), and Popcorn by Elaine Landau, (Charlesbridge)

2) After reading the book, pop several bags of popcorn. If a microwave is not available, use a popcorn popper to pop the corn in the presence of the students.

Divide chart paper into sections labeled: hear, see, smell, taste, and touch. Ask: What did you hear? Chart their responses. Ask: What did you see?, What did you smell? Then give each child a small sampling of the popcorn to eat. Ask: What did you feel? and What did you taste? Chart the responses for each!

Note: Prior to this lesson, check to be sure that there are no food allergies in the class that would be aggravated by popcorn.

3) After charting responses to each of the questions, MODEL sentences using the student responses and sentences starters. Sample Sentence Starters can be downloaded below.

4) Have the students use the sentence starters (the K-1 Tabletop Sentence Starters are great) to create their own popcorn sentences from all Five Senses. Glue pieces of popcorn on the paper around their descriptions.

Teaching Tips:

  • Repeatedly practice the use of interesting sentence variety. Remember, to teach Flip the Sentence, Word Referents and Sentence Starters to negate redundant, boring vocabulary! During guided practice, continuously prompt students to add powerful vocabulary, flip sentences and add word referents or sentence starters as needed.
  • Use google images and picture prompts with students to generate ideas. Visual clues will help students add detail that would otherwise be neglected. They know more than they can articulate – visual clues along with detail-generating questions trigger responses and enhance elaboration.



Download Sample Sentence Starters