Empowering Writers

November 2013 Lesson of the Month

In fact, this is one of my all time favorite lessons! Living in New England, out in the woods means that wild turkeys are regular visitors in my backyard. They strut around in the grass, and they roost in the trees in the evening. And, trust me, they do make a racket gobbling! In this lesson kids (with a little help from you) make gobbling turkeys out of plastic cups with a bit of string threaded through a tiny hole in the bottom of the cup. By wetting their fingers and tugging the string they produce an amazing replication of a gobbling turkey! It really is pretty amazing!

Of course, that part of the lesson is strictly for fun! The written part of the lesson involves crafting a suspenseful segment using powerful narrative writing techniques. Suspense is an often overlooked element used to create story tension – a necessity for a successful, entertaining narrative that holds the reader’s attention and keeps the reader reading!

Download the lesson plans and you’ll have your students gobbling in no time! (Tip: when their “turkey gobblers” have been completed, let the class go to town gobbling with them – just warn your neighbors next door – they’ll think your room has been taken over by an entire Thanksgiving flock! And then, have your kiddos put their noisy gobblers into their backpacks until they get home.