Empowering Writers


Empowering Writers believes:

  • Reading and writing are flip sides of the same coin. There needs to be a strong literature connection because every reading experience is a pre writing experience.
  • Students always know more than they can articulate clearly. Good teaching involves active modeling that helps build vocabulary and demonstrates the thought process of an author.The best way to
  • learn how to write well is through imitation. Literature connections, mentor text and modeling!!
  • There are specific skills that all good writers possess. These can be practiced and learned, giving every student the ability to write well.
  • The most effective way to deliver these skills is through whole class instruction focusing on explicit skills, modeling, and guided practice.
  • Consistency and basic assured experiences across and between grade levels are necessary for developing successful writers. Starting in kindergarten!
  • Good writing shares some attributes across all genres – but each genre also requires specific instruction in purpose, audience, organization, and elaboration.
  • Good writing equals clear thinking and applies to all content areas.