Empowering Writers

May 2018 K-1 Lesson of the Month

K-1 Lesson of the Month: Class PowerPoint about a vacation spot

Objective: The class will participate in a shared writing and technology project to increase their knowledge and inspire informative writing. (whole class format)

Materials: computer, PowerPoint, projector/Smartboard, internet


  1. Have students vote on a vacation spot. Use internet links to show them different places they could visit. (African safari, hiking in the mountains, beach, camping, etc.)
  1. Once the place has been chosen, do some research about your spot, save images, and record findings.
  1. Review the SIMPLIFIED EXPOSITORY PILLAR and on the whiteboard have the class help you create a framework for your presentation.

Introduction/Topic: _____beach_______

Fact: ______is along the ocean___

Fact: ______has sand and waves________

Fact: _____riding the waves on a boogie board____

Fact: ______you can build a sand castle_________

Author’s purpose: _____to inform____


  1. Through teacher questioning and student input, create a word referent chart for your destination. (ex: beach: tropical oasis, sandy paradise)
  1. Have students help you write an introduction sentence. Be sure to use sentence starters.
    • Who doesn’t dream of __________?
    • There is no doubt ________ is an amazing place to visit.
    • Enjoy your dream vacation by visiting _________.
  2. Encourage students to contribute in creating factual sentences:
    • My ______ trip wouldn’t be complete without _____.
    • On a sunny day, ____________.
    • Unforgettable vacations always include _________.
    • Prepare for your get-away by ________.
    • You find that ________.
  3. Ask productive questions to inspire students to contribute to a brief conclusion.
  1. For the PowerPoint, show students how to create a slide for a title page, introduction, fact(s), conclusion. Include images on each slide.


*This could also be a great “writing buddy” project. If you’ve paired up with an intermediate grade, have buddies work together to create a PowerPoint presentation.