Empowering Writers

March 2018 K-1 Lesson of the Month

Our redesigned K-1 workshop introduces teachers to Getting Ready to Write (GRTW) and our new Reading, Writing and Art Connections books (RWAC). Both provide a template for incorporating writing throughout the day. Check out the multiple lessons from all the books to help you design an across-the-curriculum writing unit.


Lesson of the Month:

The lesson(s) of the month will introduce spring (seasons) to students. Begin by reading several books about spring and showing pictures and/or videos of spring days. Find the side by side list on the Literature Connection, https://www.empoweringwriters.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/Narrative-Expository-Side-by-Side.pdf. Use the “camera” lesson (p. 147 GRTW) to help students focus. Once students are familiar with the season, create a 5 senses chart. For students who are ready to write, jot down a few sentence starters for each sense (check out the Tabletop Sentence Starters, https://www.empoweringwriters.com/product/tabletop-sentence-starters-set-5-spanish/) and create a few sentences describing spring (p. 146 & 197 in GRTW). Be sure to model first! If students are not writing yet, allow them to draw a detailed picture and label it (Information Detective lesson p. 119 GRTW ).


Other lesson ideas:

  • Exploring Opinions (p. 54 GRTW)
  • Information Detective (p. 119 GRTW)
  • Informative Sentences (p. 121 GRTW)
  • 5 senses book-each page has a picture and a sense sentence or use the template (p. 179)
  • 5 Senses Bingo (p. 165 GRTW)
  • Sorting Details (p. 95 & 117 GRTW or p. 79 & 84 RWAC for Kinder)


Sentence Starters:

Looking closely, I noticed _______.

I was surprised to see _______.

I stared at ______.

The _____caught my eye and ________.

As I listened, I could hear ________.

I closed my eyes and heard ________.

In the distance, I heard _______.

The sound of ______ filled the air.

The _____ tasted ______.

My mouth watered as I _________.

I could just imagine the taste of _______.

I ran my hand along ________ and it felt _________-.

My hand touched ______ and it was _________.

The air was filled with the smell of ________.

When I breathed in I could smell ______.

I caught a whiff of __________.


**Remember, you work within your timetable to complete the lessons. Take out and add lessons as necessary.