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March 2017 K-1 Lesson of the Month

K-1 Lesson of the Month:

This month, the K-1 lesson provides an opportunity for youngsters to describe a story-critical character – a leprechaun!


Students will look at pictures of leprechauns and respond to detail generating questions to come up with specific details that describe this story critical character.

Here’s what you’ll do:

1.)   Gather a collection of leprechaun pictures/photos.  Using the elaborative detail skills and modeling process found on pg. 180 in the K-1 guide, guide students in creating an elaborative paragraph (or a sentence or picture depending on the developmental stage of the student) depicting a chosen leprechaun photo. They can work in pairs or groups.

2.)   The teacher will choose a leprechaun and MODEL a sample with the students. The following detail-generating questions might be used to generate responses in the students.

  •      What was he wearing?
  •      What kind and color of hair did he have?
  •      What was he wearing on his head?
  •      What was he holding?
  •      How did he move?
  •      What did he say?
  •      How did he make you feel?

Student Sample:

I finally laid eyes on my first curious leprechaun. He was wearing a shiny green coat with yellow shamrocks sprinkled about. I noticed his light green straw hat sat sideways on his head. His pants reminded me of my puppy’s costume he wore for Halloween. As he skipped down the street, my heart beat faster because I just knew he was going to play a trick on me.

Sentence Starters

I couldn’t believe he was wearing _______.

My eyes widened when I saw the ______________ on his head.

His ___________ reminded me of __________.

In his hand he carried a ____________.

As the funny little man walked down the street, his ___________ .

He tried to play a trick on __________.

I felt ___________ when I notice him skipping toward me.

Bonus: Create a center activity by writing an elaborative detail segment matching each of the photos gathered for the lesson. Have the students read the descriptions and pair them with the correct leprechaun picture.