Empowering Writers

June 2018 Lesson of the Month

Lesson of the Month: Letter to next Year’s Class

Objective: Students will write letters to next year’s class. They will use writing skills to help paint a clear picture of what to expect and any suggestions to help the new students.

Materials: notebook paper, envelope, pencil


  1. Reflect on the year. Have students discuss memories, things they’ve learned, goals accomplished, advice for new students, etc. Chart it if needed.
  2. Review letter writing. (Quick Writes- see the Letter Writing PDF below) Include the date, greeting/salutation, body of letter, closing, and signature.
  3. Students will complete a prewriting plan for a letter to next year’s class. You may need to model each step for your students depending on the age/level.


Topic: _____For Next Year’s Class

Main Idea #1 : ____what to expect_______

Main Idea #2: ____advice_____

  1. Remind students to use expository detail-generating questions to make things clear to the new students. What does it look like? Why is it important?
  2. Revise and edit. Share with the class.

*You could bind the letters together to create a class book.

*For technology, video the students reading their letters.



Download Letter Writing Quick Writes