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June 2018 K-1 Lesson of the Month

K-1 Lesson of the Month: Students learn so much those first couple of years of school. Send them home with a book of memories and/or lessons learned from the class. What an amazing treasure they’ll have to look at for years to come!

Objective: Create a class book of students’ favorite memories or lessons learned. Students will draw, label, write sentences or small paragraphs about their favorite memories of the year. You can also include goals met or lessons learned.

Materials: paper, pencil, crayons (markers, colored pencils)


  1.     Ask students questions about the past year. What do you remember most? What did you learn? What goals did you accomplish? What is your favorite part of the day? What is your favorite subject?
  2.     Allow students to reflect on the year and share their memories.
  3.     Depending on the level of the students, have them draw and/or write sentences or paragraphs. For those children that generate multiple ideas, create a template by dividing paper into sections (3, 4, 8). Use larger paper, (ex. 11 x 14) if necessary. Provide sentence starters to help.

I learned ______________.

One goal I met was ___________.

__________ will be the person I remember most about Kindergarten or 1st grade.

My favorite subject is _____________.

The best part of the day is _________.

Mr./Mrs. ________ taught me _____________.

  1.     Once students have completed their page, make copies for each student, bind all the students’ pages together to create a class book. Share with class.