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June 2017 K-1 Lesson of the Month

K-1 Lesson of the Month:

This month, the K-1 lesson is a take-off on the Main Lesson – Where Am I? Suspense


Students will write a suspenseful segment about one aspect of a favorite summer activity.

Here’s what you’ll do:

1.)   First, read through alternate lesson for grades 2 and up. Then choose a collection of photos of popular summer vacation spots to use with your students. Some suggested photos might be a roller coaster, building a sandcastle at the beach, riding in a Fourth of July parade, swimming at the pool, camping out in a tent, hiking in the mountains, biking with a friend,  etc.

2.)   Next, MODEL a sample suspense piece with the children.

MODEL SAMPLE: Roller Coaster ride:

Where Am I?

I am riding in a train of cars high in the air. I am strapped to the seat and holding on tight. As the train climbs higher into the sky, I scream with anticipation. Then we drop and my heart skips a beat. Soon the SCREAM MACHINE stops and I climb out. Where am I?

3.)   Have the students work in pairs. Let them choose a photo to write about using suspense. Provide sentence starters and assistance when needed.


Can you believe I am _____________?

It is always fun to ____________.

I gasped when I saw __________.

The sight of ________ made me feel ______.

I cupped my ear to hear ___________.

The smell of ___________ wafted across my nose.

I could feel ___________ under my feet.