Empowering Writers

June 2015 Lesson of the Month


The idea for this month’s lesson was inspired from a recent encounter with a mouse in my house. If you have ever had the privilege of having one of these little creatures inside your home, you know the drama and chaos they can cause until they are caught. In my exaggerated mind, an army of mice were living with my husband and me! When in fact, one little critter was the extent of the infestation. As I thought about how easy it was to magnify the problem of a mouse in the house, I decided it would be a fun and creative writing assignment for the students. The result: A Mouse in the Schoolhouse! Scary – NO! Suspenseful – YES! I hope you enjoy creating this lesson with your children and discovering all of the good, and not so good, characteristics of a mouse. Happy Writing!!!

Are you over the moon for June? All of us at Empowering Writers are wishing each of you a happy summer! The end of the year is a little bittersweet for most teachers! You’ve spent countless hours investing in your student’s learning process, getting to know their personalities and sharing in their daily lives. And now you must let them go. Whatever the case, let’s enjoy one last writing lesson before the summer fun begins. And don’t forget to check out the Kindergarten/1st Grade Lesson!