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December 2015 K-1 Lesson of the Month

Best wishes to all of you from all of us at Empowering Writers. December is that time of year when children begin dreaming about what they want for holiday gifts, what they hope to do over the winter break, or where they wish they could visit on their school holiday! For some, this will only be wishful thinking and for others the sky is the limit. Why not take them all on a little journey? That is just what this lesson is designed to accomplish! Take a look and enjoy the ride!

  1. A fun way to reinforce word-referents – a skill that leads to great sentence variety – is to play “AROUND THE WORLD” with word-referents.  The object of the game is for a student to make his/her way around the classroom by answering correctly and quickly each time. The goal is for a student to answer before his/her classmate each time and continue moving to another competitor (classmate at another desk) until he/she gets back to their original desk by answering each word referent clue correctly ahead of their classmates. It is played by traveling “around the world” (classroom) from desk to desk.

How to Play the Around The World Game:

  • First, establish a path for students to follow as they travel around the world. For example, if your desks are arranged in rows, students would travel up and down the rows. If desks are grouped in sets of 4 or 5, students would travel to each of the desks at one group before moving to the next grouping.
  • Start with two students whose desks are close together. Have the two students stand beside their desks.
  • The teacher will reveal three or four word-referent clues to the two students (for example, wild creature, ferocious feline, striped cat, hungry carnivore). The first student to disclose the correct noun (tiger) wins. The winning student travels to the next closest desk and that student stands alongside the previous winner. Again, the teacher reveals three or four word-referent clues (sly predator, howling canine, the three little pig’s enemy) and the first student to guess the correct noun (wolf) wins. The winning student travels on to the next closest desk and the losing student takes a seat. The loser often times ends up sitting at a fellow student’s desk until the game ends.
  • The game continues until a student has traveled around the world or until the teacher decides to end the game. The winner of the “Around the World” Game is the student who answered the most word-referent clues correctly. The teacher can keep score on the board if needed.

2.  For a list of “Word-Referent” clues to help get you started, see the “Word-referent” clue sheet with this lesson. Use these ideas or create your own. Try new word-referent clues geared to your own beloved themes.



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