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Toolbox: Student Writing Lessons

Choose from daily, monthly, and seasonal student writing lessons for narrative, expository, opinion, and argumentative writing.  Empowering Writers proven strategies and lessons are effective for improving student writing.

Student Writing Lessons

January 2018 Lesson of the Month

Many wishes for a happy and healthy New Year from the entire EW team! Holidays are always a busy time and now we’re all getting back to our school routines, so it’s a good time to recall an oldie but goodie lesson especially with assessment time in the forefront. Elaboration skills can be the key […]

Lesson of the Month: December 2017

It’s hard to believe the holidays are upon us! During this time of year, students become excited about all the many activities going on in and outside of school. It can be a challenge to keep them engaged and on task! Try an entertaining suspense lesson featuring an encounter with the infamous Abominable Snowman or […]

December 2017 K-1 Lesson of the Month

Winter Animals – Where they Live Based on the lesson: Informative Sentences – Where they Live (Reading, Writing, and Art Connections for First Grade) pp. 90-95 Objective: Students use a combination of drawing, dictating, and writing to compose informative/expository texts. They name what they are writing about and supply some information about the topic. Materials: […]

December 2017 Lesson of the Month Connection

These books (Kindergarten and Grade 1) bring the Getting Ready to Write K-1 Guide to life. Each book contains 50 side-by-side lessons that relate specific reading and writing skills to art, literature, and critical thinking. Included in each lesson are step-by-step instructions, correlated printables, and an abundant literature list intended to provide differentiated instruction and a […]

November 2017 Lesson of the Month Connection

Using the parade or festival theme, generates other opportunities for some great writing lessons. Check out the activities in the Expository & Opinion Grade 4 Guide for Festivals of the World Lesson (download below.)

November 2017 K-1 Lesson of the Month

November K-1 Lesson of the Month: This month, the K-1 November lesson encompasses a dinosaur theme along with making messes. The idea for this lesson came from the authors of the book, What the Dinosaurs Did Last Night, a Very Messy Adventure by Refe and Susan Tuma. They shared in a brief note “About the […]

November 2017 Lesson of the Month

Beautiful weather, fall activities, and above all, a busy time of year. It is always great to capture student’s attention and jazz up a writing lesson by using seasonal themes as a jumping off point. This month, the November lesson piggybacks on the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade or a parade theme. Thanks to Kylene Reed […]

October 2017 Lesson of the Month Connection

For more spooky cross-curricular connections, check out the following, easily adaptable for grades K and 1. https://www.education.com/activity/first-grade/halloween/ Of course, after completing some of these, you can model writing about them with your students!

October 2017 K-1 Lesson of the Month

October K-1 Lesson of the Month: This month, the K-1 lesson is also based on a haunted house theme. The book Haunted House, Haunted Mouse by Judy Cox is the inspiration for this activity. Teachers will read the book to the class, but when the author ends the page with a question (which is often), […]

October 2017 Lesson of the Month

The October lesson is based on a haunted or abandoned house theme. The activity focuses on the skills associated with entertaining beginnings, but is easily adaptable for other Empowering Writers Narrative skills. There are several books and even a YouTube video that can be used as a jumping off point for this lesson. Some great […]

September 2017 K-1 Lesson of the Month

K-1 Lesson of the Month: This month, the K-1 lesson is based on a horse theme using a newly published narrative book entitled A Horse Named Steve by Kelly Collier. It is paired with an expository book, Horses by Gail Gibbons or Horses by Laura Driscoll. There are many potential writing lessons possible using these […]