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Toolbox: Lesson of the Month

Lesson of the Month

January 2020 Grades 5-8 Lesson of the Month

Growth mindset is a trending topic in education. As teachers, we want to challenge our students to work hard and keep going, despite the many challenges and setbacks they may face. Kick off 2020 by creating a vision board with your students, helping to focus their efforts on what they would like to accomplish this next semester.

December 2019 Grades 5-8 Lesson of the Month

Is there a such thing as the perfect gift? This month, discuss with your students what they think the perfect gift would be. Is it a gaming station, or maybe the newest iPhone? Do these gifts last a lifetime? In this lesson, students will be describing a gift that lasts a lifetime, by focusing on those abstract nouns that are often found in the theme of the stories we read.

December 2019 Grades 2-4 Lesson of the Month

Do you have a favorite winter craft that you love making this time of year? With Empowering Writers, any craft can be made into an engaging writing activity! This month, start off with a descriptive segment about one of your favorite winter characters!

November 2019 Grades 2-4 Lesson of the Month

GOBBLE, GOBBLE… Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and we are all pulling out the turkey books! This November, begin analyzing story elements with your students using this comical story about Turk and Runt.

November 2019 Grades 5-8 Lesson of the Month

Since becoming a national holiday in 1938, our country has been celebrating and honoring United States veterans each year on November 11. As this day of observance rolls around, your students may wonder why they have no school, or why their parents have the day off from work. These picture books are a great opportunity to share the history of this holiday and why we observe Veterans Day today.