Empowering Writers

Toolbox: K-1


K-1: Simplified Opinion Pillar

If there was one thing my own children had at age 5 it was strong opinions. My son Glenn (who today is a fashion designer designing high-end jeans for the Ralph Lauren RRL brand) knew exactly what clothes he preferred to wear to school. I should have known he’d become a collector of Vintage workwear […]

What Do Book Covers Tell Us?

Reading on my iPad is great! Except for one thing! I rarely know the title of the book I’m reading because I do not see the cover. This is a problem for me because the book cover serves as the first point of contact for the story or information inside. I also tend to pick […]

Building Authors’ Thinking

Click on the download button below to access the building blocks of author’s thinking in narrative, informative, and opinion writing. I have watched in fascination how a five year old can build a sophisticated tower out of blocks but cannot write his name. The thought process of putting the tower together usually involves a sturdy […]