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Toolbox: Literature Connection

Literature Connection

Narrative / Expository Side-by-Side Literature List

Looking for just the right books to teach a unit or theme is often quite a process. I always look in my classroom collection first but then I know I will need more. Off to the library I go! I search through the stacks for something even closely related to my theme. I enlist the […]

Middle Grade Fiction Literature List

The most powerful way to teach author’s craft is to have students become aware of the way authors use it in their best work. Students begin to read with “author’s eyes” recognizing and respecting the skills as they come across them in published examples. Can they notice and name a block of vivid elaborative detail? […]

Multicultural Literature Connections for Elementary Grades

Twenty-first century students will increasingly see themselves as citizens of the world. Having the opportunity to understand and empathize with their global neighbors is a critical part of their education. When looking for a jumping off point for writing, multicultural picture books can provide a big bang for your buck! Children learn as much from […]

Stories with Opinion / Persuasive Elements for Elementary Grades

If there’s one thing kids are good at, it’s persuasion. They have strong opinions about all kinds of things, they know what they want, and they’re good at figuring out a way to get it! The titles we’ve included on this handy downloadable list include stories in which the main character is trying desperately to […]

Recommended Picture Books for Teaching Writing in the Elementary Grades

Download this list of mentor texts and share a copy with your school media specialist. Refer to “Getting Ready to Write” to discover all the mileage you can get from these, and any of your favorite picture books. Picture books are treasure troves of material that can be used to teach writing in memorable ways. […]