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Argumentative – Rubric

When rubrics were first introduced in education the initial reaction from teachers was along the lines of, “Yes! This is just what I need!” Quickly followed by a panicked, “How am I going to create rubrics for everything I teach?” Here’s the good news, there are a lot of pre-created rubrics that can be tweaked for specific assignments. The only challenge is whether or not a pre-created rubric is calibrated in some way and matches what you intend to teach.

For a rubric to be worthwhile it must include several elements:

  1. It needs to match your instruction.
  2. There should be indicators at each score point that use specific language.
  3. Examples at each score point to measure student writing.
  4. Show growth over time that is reasonable.

The rubrics we created are genre specific and include a score point of 1-4 for each skill that is instructed. The rubric below measures growth in narrative writing. You can use each section of the rubric as you teach lessons in that skill or you can use the rubric as a whole if you are creating a full process piece or completing an assessment. This is a diagnostic tool that will show growth and lead your instruction. In addition, this rubric indicates the appropriate standard for each skill.


Download Argumentative Rubric


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