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April 2018 Lesson of the Month

For many, the countdown to summer has begun. Students (and teachers) find it hard to concentrate on school. Keeping everyone engaged and on task can be quite the challenge! This is the time of year when a game is in order! This month we have a grammar review game for you. It’s perfect to practice parts of speech and could even be used across the curriculum to reinforce content.


Lesson of the Month: Grammar Game “Chain Reaction”

Objective: Students will review parts of speech and play “Chain game”

Materials: PowerPoint of “Chain game,” (see download below)


Here’s what you’ll do:

  1. Divide the class into two teams. Use the powerpoint game or create your own with curriculum related sentences. Project it using available technology.
  2. Show the first and last word. Then begin revealing one letter at a time. Students use the part of speech clue on the side and the letters to guess the word. Keep showing the letters until someone correctly identifies the word. You can allow one team at a time to go or have them raise their hands or ding a bell, and the fastest is allowed to guess the word. Provide a point for each correct guess.

*This would be a great way to review a content unit. Create your own sentences and add them to the game. Make sure to include parts of speech you have covered throughout the year.

*A layered activity could be to used identify more specific parts of speech in the game (ex: common noun instead of just noun)

Sentence ideas:

(Sentence)                   The (article adjective) boy (noun) jogged (verb) around (preposition) the (article adjective) track (noun).

(Social Studies)           The (article adjective) American (proper adjective) bald (adjective) eagle (common noun) is (verb) our (pronoun) national (adjective) symbol (noun).

(Social Studies)           The (article adjective) USA (proper noun) has (verb) fifty (adjective) states (noun).

(Science)                      The (article adjective) human (adjective) body (noun) has (verb) two hundred six (adjective) bones (noun).



Download Grammar game