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5 Questions to Assess Your Writing Instruction

Now that we know what the new standards are and have seen the assessment, we have a better understanding of what’s required from our students in the area of writing. The question now becomes, does our writing instruction provide everything our students need to be successful?

Here are 5 questions to ask yourself:

  1. 21st century skills require that reading and writing are taught collectively. Do your teachers know how to establish powerful reading writing connections?
  2. 21st century standards demand that students write in a wide variety of genres for diverse purposes. Do your teachers have practical strategies to make this a reality?
  3. Instructional time is limited. How can teachers find the time to effectively teach the range of skills required?
  4. Response to text and literary analysis tasks are sophisticated, high level skills. Are your teachers confident teaching them?
  5. Often reading programs include a writing component that just doesn’t hit the mark. Does your district have the comprehensive writing resources they need?

If you responded “no” to more than a couple of the questions, chances are there are opportunities to improve the writing instruction and boost student performance in your school or district. The following articles discuss the ways to improve your writing instruction.



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