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Improve Writing Instruction with the Empowering Writers Methodology

Better teacher practice raises student performance

School districts nationwide use Empowering Writers’ approach to writing instruction, backed by 20 years of helping develop and refine writing proficiency in students of all ages.  After implementing Empowering Writers’ methodology, some schools have improved writing and reading assessment scores as much as 25% in a single academic year.

Whether you’re looking for a comprehensive writing program or a supplemental resource, it’s your turn to discover how to use our award-winning instructional tools to improve teacher practice and raise student performance.

In your personal conversation, learn how Empowering Writers can help you:

  • Create an environment where teachers are empowered with the knowledge and tools to effectively teach writing;
  • Learn how to leverage the foundational principles and practices of good writing in your classrooms;
  • Support higher levels of reading comprehension; 
  • Increase student literacy; and
  • Design a plan for successful implementation across your school or district