Empowering Writers

How to Create a Quote

Step 1: Add product to the cart.


Step 2: Proceed to checkout.

Step 3: Create an account.

Step 4: Enter billing details.  Check “Tax Exempt” box if you’re tax exempt.  If you’re not tax exempt, proceed to Step 6.

Step 5: Upload your tax exempt certificate.  (Note: You can continue with the quote process if you do not upload your tax exempt certificate.  However, we won’t process the quote without tax until we receive your tax exempt certificate.)

Step 6: Make sure the “Quote” option is checked.  Check the “Terms and Conditions” box.  Click “Place Order”.

Step 7: Check your email for your order confirmation (check the spam folder, too.)

Step 8: When you’re ready to turn your quote into a purchase with a purchase order or credit card, log into your account at www.EmpoweringWriters.com

Step 9: Select “Quick Reorder”, “recent orders”, or “Orders” on your account page to return to the quote.

Step 10: Locate the order number of the quote you would like to purchase and click on “Order Again.”  (Note: only quotes marked as “Completed” can be purchased.  If a quote is marked as “Processing”, it means we are waiting for your tax exempt certificate to be upload to your account.)

Step 11: Proceed to checkout

Step 12: Confirm billing and shipping details.  Click “Continue.”

Step 13: Select method of payment.  If you’re paying with a purchase order, please enter the purchase number and upload the purchase order.  Click “Place Order.”